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Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven backpack Kajka75 review


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Despite its understated appearance, it is durable and packed with comfortable features, the Kajka is a trekking backpack in the spirit of classic Fjällräven.
The innovative wooden frame maintains its strength and functionality with the utmost respect for the environment.
Designed to withstand heavy loads. The perfect fit system allows easy adjustment of the straps for different heights and shoulder widths. … abbreviated below引用元:Fjallraven

Please read the detailed introduction on the official website. To put it simply"Simple design with high-quality materials and high functionality"
It has won first place in overseas backpack test contests.

Kajka is read as "Kajka". The Swedish pronunciation is close to "kyaikya".
When I persistently questioned Fjällräven and asked what it meant, it seemed to have the nuance of "drifting aimlessly." It's a cast away.


Size capacity Weight Price
H:80cm x W:37cm x D:29cm 75L 3300g ¥56,100 (tax included)


The back frame is made of birch, and it feels like it's "naturally friendly because it doesn't use metal or plastic."

The fabric used is "Vinylon F" instead of G-1000*1, which is rare for Fjällräven.
Material developed by Kuraray in Japan and used for Kanken bags *2.

*1: G-1000 = original polycotton

※2: Kanken bag = Swedish randoseru bag

Please refer to the official website or YouTube for functions and equipment.


The following three colors are available.
I haven't researched when the black and green colors were released, but until around the spring of 2022, only one blue color should have been released in Japan. (The story I heard when I tried it on my back at the store)

  • UN Blue
  • Black
  • Forest Green
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What is Fjällräven

Fjällräven is a Swedish outdoor brand. The reading is "Fjallraven", and in English it is "FJALLRAVEN".
The meaning is the arctic fox, which is also used in the logo design.

In Japan, outdoor brands are strong, but in Sweden it seems to be a popular brand. Is it like Nike or Adidas?

A brand for bushcrafters when it comes to camping.
Throwing Fjällräven is enough to hit a bushcrafter.

Positive Reviews

As a positive review, the brand may have a strong sense of trust. Durability, water resistance, comfort, load capacity, etc.

Negative reviews

No fatal negative side.

Difficult to subdivide

Military items such as Cybertron and SAVOTTA have multiple compartments*1 and pockets inside the compartments.

※1: Compartment = Separated luggage space

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However, Kajka only has three usable sections: the main compartment section, the rain lid, and the side pocket. Moreover,

  • The lid pocket can only hold flat items
  • The side pockets are rubber bands so they are no longer for long items
  • The lower section of the main compartment is for sleeping bags and mats.※2

*2: It is standard to put a light item such as a sleeping bag at the bottom of a backpack


, it feels like everything is stuffed into one main compartment. With this, opening the back = 90% of the tools are exposed.
When packing and after taking out the tools, the position of the luggage changes, making it difficult to store small items.
In the military system, "Open the zipper and take out the tool when using it", but in Kajka, "Feel around the bag when using it".

In addition to small bags for storing cutlery and seasonings, it is easier to use if there is an inner bag that further organizes the small bags.
In the future, I think I'd like to make my own divisions after using them.

The hip belt also has a pocket, but it is not suitable for storing camping equipment because it is small enough to store keys and coin purses.


It's so big that when you look at it, you'll say "decker".
It's not a disadvantage, but it has dignity like a backpacker, so some people might find it embarrassing.

Difficult to attach externally

Unlike military bags and bushcraft bags such as Cybertron and SAVOTTA, there is no mall, so I think it is inconvenient for those who attach it externally.
There are holders for external attachments, but they are not suitable for camping because they are long items used for hiking and trekking.

image photo

Personally, I don't like external devices, so it's not a disadvantage, but...

Negative reviews

The first reason is that I actually carried this Kajka75 on my back at the store, and I couldn't get it out of my head for a long time.
Kajka itself is quite heavy at 3.3kg*1, but when you carry it on your back, it's already airy. In addition to the standard adjustment function, the height and width of the shoulder can be changed, so it fits perfectly on the back and does not feel heavy.
I couldn't forget this feeling, and Kajka75 was selected in the final selection.

*1: 2.3kg for mont bell 80L, 970g for THE NORTH FACE 65L


This is also quite large at 75L. The size is about 50L when staying in a tent for mountain climbing, so it is quite large.

Here is why you want the size of a backpack.

  • I want to use my favorite tools instead of choosing something small to match my backpack
  • Because it is a self-styled bushcraft, I will have more equipment than the traditional Scandinavian style
  • It's basically a ground style, but There are times when I use a low-type chair to take care of my back.
  • When you go to the riverbed, there are no fallen trees that can be used as firewood.The ground is full of rocks, so you need poles and pegs. There are a lot of them, so there are times when I use equipment to spend time comfortably.
  • I don't like external equipment that makes noise because I walk in the mountains for touring camping or bushcraft.
  • It would be great if I could store a small cooler.

I didn't like the bulky or bulky external appearance, so I wanted a roomy size.

Why I chose it

It's pretty standard, so it may not be a reference.
By the way, there are places where you can't tie the excess straps, so they are sold at 100 yen storesPera Pera Hair Band to bundle them.

image photo

Main Compartment

All camping equipment not listed below is stored here.
Basically, I also put a small soft cooler here.

Lower main compartment

This is a standard lightweight sleeping bag, air mattress, and pillow.

A rain cover

In the lid, I put Kajka's rain cover and thin items such as hand towels and paper.
It\'s easy to access even after packing, so I prioritize things that I always use, such as wet wipes and portable ashtrays.

Side pockets

I have a first aid kit on one side that I want to keep in an easily accessible and visible place, and nothing on the other side yet. But it should be used in it.


There are times when I don't use it depending on the equipment, but I trace the chest strap and wrap the tent around.
There is a loop at the bottom to wind up the bottom of the main compartment, so I use it to pass the chest strap through.

image photoimage photo

It's not official Fjällräven, but you can add this side bag if you want. (Not recommended)
It's difficult to completely fix it, but it feels like you're hooking it on the strap and passing it through the mall belt to the side pocket. I have not tried connecting the belt buckle because it is forced.

image photoimage photo

Personal use

Other backpacks that I was worried about buying are the following points.


image photo image photo

It is 70L and the same size as Kajka, but it has a mall system and is designed to be easily attached to tents and sleeping bags.
As I wrote above, I gave up because I was worried that the military color would become strong, and I heard that "the comfort of carrying it is also military".

Fjällräven Singi 48

image photo image photo

The body is 48L, but side holder and side pocket
An expandable 48L backpack is enough, and since it's a bushcraft model, the Singi48 is more suitable for the purpose, but I gave up because it looks simple and stores everything.

And all Japanese bushcrafters use this.


author photo
Writer : Hashi-ryu

The operator of this site. Prefer military and simple camping gear. He is studying bushcraft exclusively.

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