Gyoza Tuna

Gyoza Tuna image

A twelve-faceted snack that shows various faces depending on the seasoning of the tuna. The texture is also perfect with sake.

Food Stuff

  • Dumpling Skin

    5 sheet

  • Tuna can


  • Mayonnaise

    Appropriate amount

  • Miso

    Small amount


  • Add miso to the tuna can. You can leave it in the can, but it is easier to make it if you have a container.

  • Put more mayonnaise in the tuna can than miso.

  • Stir well so that everything is entwined. It's surprisingly persistent, so mix it well.

  • Spread the gyoza skin and put it.

  • Put a small amount of Tuna Mayo miso in the middle of the dumpling skin.

  • Wrap the skin. It can be jagged like dumplings, but the oil in the tuna cans leaks easily, so wrap it tightly to hold it down.

  • Bake the whole gyoza skin so that it is lightly browned. The gyoza skin is easy to burn, so bake it smoothly over medium heat.

  • Complete


Please note that the unburned part will remain and the texture will be succulent.
It is recommended that the amount of wrapping Tuna Mayo is small. The tuna juice leaks more than I expected, and the taste is strong, so it's better to make it feel like a bite.


  • If you are not particular about the Japanese flavor, you can remove the miso and use tuna mayo.

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