Precautions when camping for women

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Based on actual experiences, we have summarized the failure stories, worries, and solutions unique to women at camp! Female campers will also be relieved if they read this article


Based on actual experiences, we have summarized the failure stories, worries, and solutions unique to women at camp!
If female campers also read this article, it will be safe.

Precautions common to all seasons


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Sunburn is a woman's natural enemy. Most of your camping will be outdoors, so proper sun protection is essential.

[This is the solution! ]

Make sure to use a tarp with high light blocking effect and wear arm covers and a hat.
Of course sunscreen is a must! It is easy to forget to apply it as soon as you wake up in the morning. If you leave the tent without applying sunscreen, you will be in big trouble, so be careful.

Long hair

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I was cooking on the stove on a windy day at a beachside campsite. The wind is so strong that the fire from the stove spreads to her long hair, causing a serious accident! I hurriedly erased it, so it was only partially burnt, but I was shocked that my precious hair was burned, and I couldn't get rid of the smell for a while.

[This is the solution! ]

Be careful when cooking on windy days! Tie your hair up and keep the heat low while cooking!

Troublesome makeup remover

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Makeup removers (oil, cotton, face wash, etc.) are bulky, and it is very troublesome to remove makeup with the limited facilities at the campsite. I often forget my makeup remover.

[This is the solution! ]

Use a makeup remover sheet! Keep it with your camping gear so you don't forget it, and it's easy to remove your makeup.
There are almost no opportunities to interact with other people at camp, so it's not a good idea not to wear makeup in the first place.

Forgetting the hair dryer

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I used the shower provided at the campsite, but there was no hair dryer, so I couldn't dry my hair. It is especially difficult for people with long hair.

[This is the solution! ]

It depends on the campsite, but there are many places that do not have hair dryers. (Shampoo and conditioner are the same.)
Check with the campsite before making a reservation, including the presence or absence of outlets. If you don't have one, bring your own or use the nearby hot spring facilities. Camping will be more fun♪
Some hot spring facilities close early, so be sure to check in advance.

Security and crime prevention measures (especially for solo camping)

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Recently, the number of female solo campers is increasing. There are cases where you are involved in crimes and incidents, so sufficient crime prevention measures are necessary. Even if you are not solo, many women may feel afraid of going to the bathroom at night.

[This is the solution! ]

Choose a upscale campsite with a 24-hour caretaker. High-standard campsites are well-equipped and popular with women and families, so they attract a lot of attention and can be said to be safe campsites. It is better to avoid riverbeds and free campsites, as they are more likely to get into trouble.

The following measures are also effective.

  • Choose a section site so that you can't enter near your tent or inside the tarp without permission.
  • Use a campsite where smartphone radio waves are available.
  • Attach a padlock to the zipper at the entrance of the tent.
  • Always carry a security buzzer.
  • Wild animals are also dangerous, so store food in the tent.
  • In the case of solo camping, pay attention to the direction in which the tent is set up.Do not let people around you know that you are solo so that your living space is as inconspicuous as possible.
  • When uploading to SNS in real time, the location will not be specified.

Choosing a tent

Depending on the type and size of the tent, there are some that are difficult for women to set up. The first two room tent I bought took a long time to set up and I was exhausted just setting up the tent.

[This is the solution! ]

Choose a tent that is easy to set up.
I recommend the One Pole Tent for women! It's very easy to set up and looks cute and makes you feel good!
Here's a picture of what I'm using.

One Pole Tent M (DOD)
One Pole Tent M (DOD)

It took more than an hour to set up the previous tent, but after changing to the one pole tent, it was set up in 10 minutes! Camping has become more comfortable without wasting time and energy. It is easy to dismantle, compact and easy to carry.
I should have used a one-pole tent from the beginning...!
If you are wondering what kind of tent to buy, why not consider the one-pole tent as an option?

Peg selection

Solid stake (snow peak)
Solid stake (snow peak)

If the ground is hard, depending on the peg, it will be difficult to set up because it will not stick to the ground. In the worst case, the pegs can even bend. (I bent a lot of them and ruined them.) Do not use the aluminum or plastic pegs that come with the tent on hard ground.

[This is the solution! ]

If the peg is strong enough, it will stick firmly into the ground without much force. Therefore, it is better to choose a strong "forged peg". Because of its weight, it can be easily penetrated by women.

On the other hand, on sandy or wet soft ground, a shape made of aluminum, steel, or plastic with a large surface area is more suitable because it is less likely to fall out.
Basically, forged pegs are OK. Use them according to the location.

Also, prepare a peg hammer. I first hit the peg with a rubber mallet and the hammer broke….

Precautions for summer camp

Insect countermeasures


Camping is infested with bugs. I hate bugs, but I want to go camping. There must be many women like that.

[This is the solution! ]

Even in summer, wear long sleeves, long pants, and leggings to cover your skin.

Insect repellent is a powerful ally, so be sure to use it. If you use both the type that is used on the skin and clothes and the type that is sprayed on the ground, it will exert a strong effect.
It is also a good idea to use an indoor insect repellent spray inside the tent.
The insect repellent spray I use is "Medicine Saratect Rich Rich 30 200mL". Deet, an insect repellent ingredient, is blended at a maximum concentration of 30%. However, please note that it is too strong to be used by children under the age of 12.
A ground spray type "Yab Mosquito Barrier 480ml" is used around the tent, and "Mosquito Eliminate Spray (for 12 hours)" is used inside the tent, so insect control is perfect.

Winter camping without insects is also recommended.

Heat stroke countermeasures

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Under the scorching sun in the middle of summer, the heat at the beachside campsite was so intense that I nearly collapsed from heat stroke while setting up my tent.
Women have a higher risk of heat stroke than men. Because there are few muscles that have the role of storing water, it is easy to become dehydrated, so be careful!

[This is the solution! ]

  • Consume water and salt frequently. Many people are not able to take measures against heat stroke, although they are the first steps. (Especially salt!)
  • Clothes that are breathable and dry quickly.
  • Use a neck cooler or a handy fan (portable fan).
  • Create shade with a tarp or the like at sites without tree shade.
  • Choosing a campsite is also important in midsummer.Mountain camping at high altitudes, which is cool even in summer, is recommended.

For the first salt content, it is convenient to always have candies such as salted lemon candy.

Precautions for winter camping

Cold countermeasures

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First winter camp. Even though I came all the way to the campsite, it was so cold that I shut myself up in my tent.
It is important to be well equipped for outdoor activities even in winter.
Focus on functionality over fashion.

[This is the solution! ]

Dress exaggeratedly warm! The campsite in the middle of winter is cold anyway.
It is possible to easily equip equipment such as Workman and Uniqlo.
My recommendation is the electrically heated vest. This vest is equipped with an electric heater, and it is an excellent item that warms your body by heating the heater with a mobile battery! It feels like you're putting warmers on your body, and it's really warm.

Furthermore, I often sit on a chair while camping. Please do try that out.

Also, the nights can be quite cold not only in winter, but also in spring and autumn. It is safe to prepare a thick jacket.

Washing dishes and pots

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Especially in winter, there are many campsites that do not have hot water, so it is difficult to wash with cold water. The oil is hard to come off, and the hands become numb.

[This is the solution! ]

Reducing the amount of washing will make things much easier. Disposable plates and chopsticks are used, and pots are replaced with disposable aluminum pots.
For items that cannot be used as disposable items, it is a good idea to wipe them lightly with kitchen paper or wet wipes, and then wash them after you bring them home.

In addition, if you cut up your ingredients at home and bring them with you, you'll be less likely to come in contact with cold water while freezing.

Winter beds

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There are many women who are cold, right?
From autumn to winter and into spring, the nights are extremely cold. It's going to be a cold and painful camp.

[This is the solution! ]

Let's start with the Cot. A cot is a simple bed for camping, and because it is high, it does not receive the cold from the ground directly, and can considerably reduce the cold. If you put a silver mat on top of the cot, you can prevent cold air. On top of that, it is recommended to order the sleeping bag.

The inside of the tent is warmed by a ceramic fan heater, and it is the strongest when you put an electric blanket in the sleeping bag! For those who suffer from poor circulation, it's perfect if you put an electric bean paste under your feet! It gets hot and sweaty. (Caution for temperature control) With this, you will be able to sleep safely even in the middle of winter camping.

In the first place, the use of power sites and portable power sources is essential! (*Be sure to check the maximum power consumption) Ceramic fan heaters can be used at home, and above all, they are safe. There is no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning and no need for ventilation. You can spend comfortably in winter camping. Especially recommended for beginners and camping with children!
* Maximum power consumption (W) varies depending on the campsite. Check with each campsite.
Ceramic fan heaters consume a lot of power, so be careful not to exceed the upper limit! The advantage of electric blankets is that they consume less power.
Also, when using the power site, don't forget to prepare an extension cord for outdoor use!

Safe and secure camping for women

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I introduced the troubles that women tend to have along with real experiences.
Isn't there something that applies to you?

All the solutions have been implemented and solved, so please refer to them!
Now camping is very popular with women.

However, most campground facilities are still unfriendly to women.
Let's spend a comfortable camping life with various ingenuity.

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Writer : shiyu

I am a camp girl who loves DOD. I aim to camp in style! I love nature and am healed by the extraordinary experience of camping!

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