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A classic one burner that uses white gas! Although it is durable, it has a simple structure and is easy to disassemble and maintain.This is a lifelong camping gear!


A classic one-burner stove with white gas fuel that is resistant to temperature changes and cold regions.
The roots of this stove are the legendary GI stove developed for World War II in 1941.
The order presented by the military at this time is a harsh one that can use any fuel even in an environment of about -51 ° C to + 52 ° C and is even smaller than a milk bottle of less than 1 liter.
But two months later, the product met all the specs and weighed only 3.5 pounds. It was a compliment that "Jeep and GI stove are the most important things born in World War II." .引用元:https://ec.coleman.co.jp/

● Thermal power: Approximately 2,125 kcal/h at maximum
● Fuel tank capacity: Approximately 520 cc
● Combustion time: Approximately 1.5 to 3 hours
● Body size: Approximately φ14 × 14 (h) cm
● Weight: Approximately 960g
● Accessories: Plastic case
● Generator used: Model 400B2891

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The product description looks like this.
Coleman's online shop has a limited number and is often out of stock, so retail stores and Amazon I'm trying hard to buy it.
white gas A single burner that can be used for cooking and heating. In addition to the main body and fuel, fuel funnel Or Gasoline Filler II Required.

Fuel Funnel/Gasoline Filler II Fuel Funnel/Gasoline Filler II
Fuel Funnel/Gasoline Filler II

In Coleman's one burner, it is said that the shape is the same as 508A and unleaded gasoline can be used normally 533 (dual fuel), But 508A can also use unleaded gasoline normally (it seems that the generator deteriorates faster, so at your own risk)
By the way, one burner (Single burner) is because there are two two burner stove.

533 (dual fuel)/two burner stove 533 (dual fuel)/two burner stove
533 (dual fuel)/two burner stove

How to use

Coleman's explanation is quoted as it is.

Add fuel

  • ① Turn the fuel lever "OFF"
  • ② Remove the fuel cap and inject fuel into the tank
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  • ① Spread the pumping knob to the left twice.
  • ② Hold the hole with your thumb and pump 25 to 30 times or more until the pumping becomes hard.
  • ③ Push the knob. Turn to the right until it stops.
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  • ① Bring a lighter with a long tip closer to the burner, then turn the fuel lever counterclockwise to ignite
  • ② Pump further immediately after ignition.
image photoimage photo

Thermal power adjustment and digestion

  • ① Turn the fuel lever left and right to adjust the heat.
  • ② Turn the fuel lever to the right to digest.
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The trick is not to compromise on pumping, be careful because the lighter ignition is a little surprising, and I think you can't adjust the firepower. Like this

How to use fuel funnel

Since the contents cannot be seen when refueling, it is devised so that it does not overflow due to overfilling with gasoline. Therefore, be careful as it will leak if you do not understand its characteristics and use it.
By the way, if you use a funnel, you can refuel so that the ideal air-fuel ratio is 2: 8.

Refueling procedure

  • Put the long end of the funnel out and insert it firmly into the fuel filler.
  • Make the can's spout down or turn the can sideways and slowly add fuel.
  • Stop refueling when the inflow to the tank stops and fuel accumulates in the funnel.
  • When you try to remove the funnel, the gasoline in the funnel will enter the tank, so check the amount of gasoline. While rotating, slowly pull out little by little.

Please note that you should slowly add gasoline, and even if it looks like all the gasoline in the funnel is filled when you pull out the funnel, gasoline may be accumulated below the filter. So pull it out slowly until the end.

If the spout of the can is turned down when adding fuel, there is no escape route for oxygen and it may overflow, so either put the spout up or turn the can sideways. You can put it in smoothly by putting it in.
And the black tube and filter on the fuel funnel can be pulled out for cleaning.
The tube can be removed by pulling it normally, and then the filter can be removed by pushing the filter from the insertion port with a thin stick.

image photoimage photoimage photo


Structurally, the black tube serves as an escape route for air, and when the gasoline in the tank reaches the tube, there is no escape route for air and it feels like gasoline accumulates in the funnel.
Then, when you try to pull out the funnel, the gasoline in the funnel goes into the tank.
If you put gasoline above the black tube, this structure will not work, so gasoline should be below the black tube .

image photoimage photo

Difference between petrol stove and gas burner

Rather than a comparison with Coleman's Sportster II, a gasoline stove and gas burner Difference.
Roughly like this.

Gasoline stove Differences in gas burners
Cold resistance ×
heat resistance ×
Thermal power adjustment ×
Storage × △~○
Effort ×
Get fuel
Fuel economy

Cold resistance

Is this the number one advantage? In winter camps, gas burners are often unusable outside, but with a gasoline stove, Yotchan can afford even below freezing.
I think it's okay to take measures with a gas burner, but I often encounter people who don't get firepower with a gas burner even on ordinary riverbeds that don't climb mountains.

Heat resistance

This is also a winter camp, but for heating a gasoline stove (made by Coleman) heater attachment Is used for a gas burner, the radiant heat is so great that the gas can has heat and is dangerous.
A gasoline stove is easier to use as a heater because it is safer than a gas can even if it has heat.


I don't know because I haven't compared it, but it seems to be a gasoline stove that is strong against the wind.
If the gas burner is "fire", the gasoline stove looks like "flame".
However, according to the numerical specifications, the gas burner is around 2100 kcal/h, while the gas burner is 2500 kcal/h or more, which seems to be the winner of the gas burner, but I think it depends on the type of gas and the climate, so I can not say anything. Will I lose to LP gas?


This is an outstanding victory for the gasoline stove. I often hear that the ignition button of a gas burner breaks, but the gasoline stove has excellent durability, and even if it breaks, it is possible to sell parts and repair it and continue using it.

Thermal power adjustment

It depends on the gas burner, but the adjustment of the thermal power is insignificant.
The fuel lever moves from left to right, but the minimum is when it is facing straight down, so don't forget that it is in digestion mode when it is pointing even a little to the left.
It is often said that only medium to high heat can be used, but the firepower can be taken as high to super high heat.


I can't say anything because it depends on the amount of fuel, but the size of the burner itself is many times larger, and unless you buy a portable can, you can use 1ℓ can of CB. It will be about 2.5 pieces.
And if it's OD feeling, you can stack it.
The weight of the gasoline stove is outstandingly heavier.


This is also a 10-0 victory for the gas burner. Pumping is said to be only the first time, but it pumps 4 to 50 times before and after ignition, and if it is used for heating, regular pumping is also necessary.

Get fuel

It is inconvenient that you cannot purchase white gas unless you are at an outdoor equipment store. You can use unleaded gasoline, but it's difficult to pull it out of the car, and you can't get it in at a gas station without a portable can at a manned stand.
It may be easier to obtain than a gas burner if you are ready to put in unleaded gasoline.

Fuel economy

I can't say anything because it depends on the burner, fuel, usage, temperature, etc., but many people say that the gasoline stove is more fuel efficient. The difference is about several tens of yen to a hundred yen.

I explained the advantages and disadvantages of writing next.


I will omit the merits described above.

Better specs than other petrol stoves

It is superior in terms of specifications to the gasoline stove that is out of print because there is only the current model.
Even if it is excellent, it does not mean that the firepower is strong, and the fuel tank is large and the burning time is long, so it may not be suitable for those who are looking for a compact one.
And 533 (dual fuel) Always uses unleaded gasoline, whereas 508A Is inferior only in an emergency.

Unleaded gasoline and kerosene can be used

For the time being, the manufacturer says that unleaded gasoline can be used in an emergency, but it can be used normally. However, rumors say that it will accelerate the deterioration of the generator. Therefore, by replacing it with a generator for 533 (dual fuel) that is compatible with unleaded gasoline explained at the beginning, it will be possible to use the 508A while suppressing deterioration.

I can't tell the difference even if I compare the generators of 508A and 533, but maybe the part number is different and the wall thickness is different?

533/Generator 533/Generator

I've never used it, but it seems that kerosene can also be used. Same as with gasoline except that a preheat is required to heat the generator with a torch for 30 seconds or more.
You can use it as it is, but it seems that you need to add banner ring To stabilize the firepower. If you increase the banner ring, the generator and the trivet will interfere, so you need to bend either one, and since the generator can be easily bent by hand, it seems that there are many people who bend that. However, is it difficult to adjust the thermal power? ??

Satisfy your desire for ownership

I think that many people who own it are more willing to own it than the merit of being able to use it even in cold regions.
A gem that is convincing for both military and vintage lovers.


I will omit the disadvantages mentioned above.

Gasoline is easy to spill

Sometimes it spills when refueling. It's okay if you're careful, but if you're not careful, it will spill immediately.
There is no problem in terms of quantity, but I want to avoid spilling gasoline.
Rumor has it that Gasoline Filler II Leaks quite a bit. Is it badly engaged? If you want to buy it, fuel funnel Is recommended.

Maintenance required

It's a merit for those who like it, but if you are not a person who can disassemble, clean, and replace it, you will have to buy a new one if you feel sick.
By the way, disassembly and cleaning are very easy. Anyone who can remove the screws and handle things carefully can do it.

Attachments/Related Products

Introduction of attachments and related products that can be used for 508A.
Coleman products have few special products and can be used for general purposes, so many of them can also be used for other gasoline stoves and gasoline lanterns.

Far-red heater attachment

far-red heater attachment
far-red heater attachment

A heater that emits far infrared rays by warming it on the 508A.
When used with a gas burner, the burner and gas can have enough heat to become dangerous. If you use the 508A as it is, it will consume a lot of radiant heat that the fuel lever cannot operate.
It's not enough for people who use ordinary stoves or wood stoves, but I hear that it is by far the best in the field of heater attachments.

Even with the heater attachment attached, it is possible to do a little cooking or boiling water at all. However, if you use it, the upper part will bend due to heat, so be careful as it will wobble.
Personally, I put it on the ceiling of North Star And use it to keep food warm. It's difficult to maintain the temperature just because it's hard to cool down.
I also see some opinions that the groove does not fit with the trivet, but I need to put in a little effort. The rubbing sound of iron is jarring.

New Windscreen

new windscreen
new windscreen

It's a windbreaker. It is also excellent as a reflector of radiant heat, and since the heat does not escape downward, it is a product that can be expected to improve the effect of cooking and heating.
The heat storage effect is improved by the area of ​​the windscreen. The effect is weak, but the compatibility with the heater attachment is outstanding.

Super Pumping

super pumping
super pumping

A product that eliminates the need to block the holes in the pump and makes pumping easier.
Recommended for people who find pumping troublesome or who use it frequently and pump frequently.
If you just say "pumping will be easier", you will receive more than enough benefits. It seems that once you use it, you will not be able to part with it.



Lubricating oil for Coleman products. 5-56-like guy. If you use it when the pumping feel is bad, the movement will be smooth.
The pumping feel is better, but the life of the rubber product inside (pump cup) It also has the effect of stretching.
In an emergency, olive oil or salad oil can be used as a substitute, but it may stick, so clean it later or at your own risk. It is possible to substitute sewing machine oil such as 100%.
Personally, I use genuine Lubricant because it also adheres to rubber products. I only use a few drops at a time, so I need it on a yearly basis to use it up.
Also note that the cap may leak without knowing that it will close. The amount of leakage is small, but it makes me feel uncomfortable when it sticks to other things.

2 lever generator

2 lever generator
2 lever generator

A two-lever generator used in 400A and 508 (508A brothers) gasoline stoves. The number of adjustment levers increases, allowing fine adjustment of thermal power.
A romantic item rather than a firepower adjustment.
I don't know if it's out of print or out of print, but it costs about 20,000 yen.

Pressure gauge

pressure gauge
pressure gauge

The guy who gives out the internal pressure that can be used for lanterns with a gauge. Just replace it with a fuel cap.
Coleman's explanation says "pumping ○ times when using", but it is recommended for people who want to get a good grip because the number of pumping changes depending on the amount of fuel inside.
This is also a romantic item. It's better to use meters and gauges than to reduce the waste of pumping.

How to find the model year

The model year is stamped on the bottom.

manufactured in March 2004
manufactured in March 2004

The year of manufacture is on the right, the month of manufacture is on the left, and the letters of Coleman and the place of manufacture are in the middle.
The photo was manufactured in March 2004 and is written as WICHITA KANSAS USA.

Cause of failure

A common cause of failure is a clogged generator pump cup Due to deterioration of rubber such as>, the symptom is either gas leaks or no pressure is applied. Both can be repaired by replacing consumables.
If it is an old one that has been left unattended, it may rust in some places such as inside the tank, so it is necessary to remove rust.

Clogged generator

The repair method may be repaired by inserting and removing the cleaning rod that passes through the generator to clear the blockage, or cleaning the inside of the generator with a cab cleaner. In case of fatal injury, replace parts.

As a symptom, if it ignites but the firepower does not increase, or if the fire disappears immediately after ignition and it gradually becomes impossible to ignite, suspect the generator. think.
It feels like "it's clogged and no gas comes out=it can't ignite, the fire goes out".

Rubber deterioration

If the pumping becomes tight or the pressure cannot be applied even after pumping, the pump cup of the pump plunger has deteriorated.
The repair method is just to replace this rubber part.

If gas is leaking when you bring the lighter close to the fuel lever, O Deterioration of the ring.
The only way to repair this is to replace the O-ring. The size is wire diameter φ1.9mm x inner diameter φ4.8mm , which is said to be P standard. I'd like to have a fuel-resistant material, but I hear people say that it can be used normally even if it's normal.
Often Sells like a special product at a price close to 1,000 yen But things do not change So it's okay to buy something like a home improvement store for about 30 yen.

How to find the faulty part

First of all, can you pressurize? This is OK if you remove the fuel cap after pumping and make a strong sound of air coming out. If the air is weak, you may suspect that pump cup Has deteriorated.
Next, check how far the fuel (gas) is coming, and if you are lucky, there is a place where the gas blows out, so that is the cause. If it does not blow out, turn on the fuel lever and turn on the fuel lever → generator → banner ring Try to guess, and if gas does not come out from anywhere, use a generator. If the lighter's fire is shaken by gas, it is a malfunction of the relevant part. Like this.

If it has been left unattended for many years, disassemble it and replace the rubber parts. Even if it looks okay, if something that wasn't moving starts to work, it will break somewhere, so it's recommended to replace it to avoid trouble and trouble on the go.
After that, put a little gasoline in the tank, shake it so that the gasoline touches the tank evenly, and then remove the gasoline and check if there is dust or rust mixed in. If there is a lot of dust and rust, add water or gasoline, shake it out, and repeat until no impurities are removed.
If you use water, use a heat gun to completely dry the inside. The inside is complicated, so you can think that it cannot be dried naturally.
After that, check if the fuel reservoir in the burner box is also deteriorated.

It's easy to disassemble, so disassemble it completely and check the deterioration of the rubber and clogging in various places.

How to disassemble

The only tools required to disassemble the 508A are a Phillips screwdriver, a monkey wrench and pliers.
Coleman nuts are inch standard and can't be used with a normal wrench.super wrench A monkey wrench is enough though it sells. If the monkey wrench is too big to use, 150mm-200mm Is about 3-400 yen. It's on sale so that's OK.

Disassembly procedure

  • Turn off the fuel lever
  • Open the fuel cap and decompress
  • Drain the petrol
  • Remove the fixing bracket at the end of the generator, and then remove the root jam nut
  • Lift the generator, remove the cleaning rod and then pull out the generator
  • Take off the trivet, then remove the banner ring and remove the burner box
  • Remove the fuel lever and then the valve
  • Remove the pump plunger

Roughly like this.
Please refer to the video below for where and how to remove it.


The most important thing to pay attention to is the generator. Be careful not to bend it too much or step on it to deform it because it bends easily, and do not forcibly stuff the cleaning rod inside and break it.
And don't forget Lubricant.

Click here for official maintenance method

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Writer : Hashi-ryu

The operator of this site. Prefer military and simple camping gear. He is studying bushcraft exclusively.

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