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Commentary on bio-toilets and useful information from toilet circumstances such as wild excrement and field excrement in the mountains.


It's not a campsite, but a story about the toilet situation in a place without a toilet, such as a mountain that people don't manage or a mountain that you own.
It is a toilet skill that is useful not only for camping but also for mountain climbing and hiking.

There are techniques and manners to take care of nature, so let's study hard.

wild poop

Basically, it's not good to put excrement in a river.
This includes "dig a hole and bury it, but it was swept away by the rising water", so if you do feces, place it at least 50m away from the water source. Let's do it with /b>.
There is contamination from the excrement itself, but there is also contamination from the parasites contained in the excrement, so be sure to protect it.


Excretion holes must also be dug deeper than 10cm, as they are more likely to be decomposed by underground bacteria.
If you need to go to the toilet many times, dig deeper and cover it with soil to avoid going to different places.

Also, if you squat down with the heels of both feet aligned with the center line of the hole, you can store the feces in the hole just right.

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toilet paper

Used toilet paper does not easily return to the soil, so it is good etiquette to dispose of it as burnable garbage or burn it in a bonfire.
Montbell and others sell toilet paper made from only natural materials, which are said to be "easy to decompose naturally", but it is recommended because it is a product that says "Let's take it home" even though the price is relatively high. I don't.

If you accidentally forget your toilet paper, you can substitute it with leaves, round stones, tree bark, or washing your hands. Of course, let's dispose of this by yourself and do not return it to nature.
Depending on the type of leaf, it can hurt your buttocks, so if you are unfamiliar with it or are worried about it, hand washing is recommended.

About decomposition

It takes about a month in the summer for the feces to decompose when buried in the soil, and it takes until spring because the decomposition is slow in the winter.
So let's not do it in the same place recklessly until that time passes.

It seems that even the "toilet paper that is easily decomposed by nature" mentioned above will take 4 to 5 months.


Urine is easier to make than feces, so it tends to be around, but Nosho also needs attention.
Urine contains organic matter and calcium, and if it is not treated properly, it will form a compound called urinary stone, which will cause a foul odor.
Also, even if mixed with feces, it will produce ingredients that cause bad odors, so try to separate feces and urine as much as possible.
The source of the so-called "smelly public toilet" smell is urine.

So it is important not to put it on places where urine accumulates or stones, etc., and to dilute it by pouring water on the place where you have finished.
Also, there are people who pour urine on plants, saying "Fertilizer! Fertilizer!".
Urine must be diluted 3 to 40 times in order to be used as fertilizer, depending on the intended use and how it is diluted.

Toilet setup

You don't have to worry too much if you are in a field with no people, but you can make a comfortable toilet by making a blindfold or a chair.
A common method is to create an enclosure with a tarp and add something to it.
If it takes time to get out, I want an enclosure to protect my butt from insect bites.
Recently, there are also simple enclosures and poncho-shaped blindfolds.

image photo image photo

Also, if you make a simple chair that you can straddle and put your butt on like the image below, even people who take a long time can easily finish the toilet.

image photo

Biological toilet/composting toilet

There are also toilets called bio-toilet and compost toilet, which are mainly installed type, but they are decomposed while absorbing water by stirring wood materials such as sawdust and feces.

image photo image photo

Since it can be made with a structure that does not use water and electricity, it is used for toilets in the mountains, etc., and by absorbing the water in the feces, the bad odor disappears, so even poor toilet removal does not smell.
Also, since the feces ferment, it can be used as fertilizer after use, and two birds with one stone.
Kits are also sold, and if it is simple, you can bury a sawdust toilet in the ground and use it, so if you have your own land, let's use it.
If you want to know more or sell kits, please see eco Fool Creation's site.


Here are some bits of useful knowledge about toilets in the mountains.

carrying toilet paper

Some people use tissue paper because toilet paper takes up space, but the Metropolitan Police Department has introduced a compact way to carry toilet paper.
It was the one that became a hot topic at the time of the disaster.

how to suppress the urge to urinate

It's a first aid method that seems to have a large placebo effect, but there is a pressure point called "liquid gate" that suppresses the urge to urinate.
It is located between the little finger and the base of the ring finger, and it is said that if you press this point while exhaling, the body's moisture adjustment function will work and the urge to urinate will be suppressed.

For women, there is a medicine called Bop for Lady that suppresses the urge to urinate.
When men take this Bap for Lady, it is said that there is a risk of urination difficulty and urinary retention, so men should not take it.

Overseas Climbing

This is a story about mountaineering overseas, but there are many countries overseas where the act of "going to places where people can't see" is considered very dangerous than in Japan, so people can see the act of excretion. It seems to be a place.
Of course, it's not completely exposed, but it seems to be in the shade of rocks and fallen trees that are close enough to hear people talking.

This is true of landslides and slipping on snow, but in the United States, there are many people who say that "climbing = bears". I don't want to go to the place


This time I wrote about the no-feces, but I'm not saying, "Let's all do no-feces in the mountains!" It's a way to do it, so don't do it to the irresponsible cod.
Reports and dispatches are rare, but even in an emergency, in most cases it will be a violation of the Minor Offenses Act.
In addition, depending on the case, water pollution, damage to property, and public indecency will also be added.

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Writer : Hashi-ryu

The operator of this site. Prefer military and simple camping gear. He is studying bushcraft exclusively.

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