What is OMUSUBI?

OMUSUBI is a large deficit camp information site operated by an individual.
Not only articles are created, but also websites are created by one person without using existing services.
Click here for OMUSUBI's motto.

  • Do not make it a site for advertising revenue
  • Information dissemination based on research and experience

Do not make it a site for advertising revenue

A site where advertisements are displayed everywhere, it is difficult to see and the display speed is slow, and the page is subdivided into "to the next page".
The reason why the page is subdivided is that it is done to increase the number of impressions of the advertisement and increase the advertising revenue, and there is only a disadvantage for the visitor.

Recently, it has become easier to open a blog and set up advertisements, and there are many sites that are difficult to see because of only advertisements.
I don't think it's a bad thing to be a monetary person, but I think it's a bad thing to have an advertising-based site structure that doesn't feel good when viewed as "obstructive, misaligned, or unpleasant."

OMUSUBI does not display advertisements that interfere with the content because it is operated by an individual.

Information dissemination based on research and experience

I often see pages with the title "Recommended ○ Selection!" That I often see when searching, and just list what I have bought on product pages such as Amazon.
There is little information about use such as why it is recommended, what are its strengths and weaknesses, and how to choose from the recommendations. It will be a thin site.
Some of these sites copy articles from other sites.

OMUSUBI aims to be a site that "shares information" with everyone, not a site that "introduces products".

About the operator

The owner has enjoyed camping since childhood due to the influence of his parents, and now he enjoys camping solo and in solo groups.
I run a web designer as a freelancer, so I launched OMUSUBI as part of my studies on web construction and camping / bushcraft.

As for camping equipment, I prefer to use military equipment and simple camping equipment with a minimum capacity that is not UL.
I also use my Twitter profile, but I go camping to do nothing.
Since it often appears in Kanagawa prefecture, please feel free to ask if you think "Hey, maybe?"


Compared to those who have experience and knowledge from growing up and profession, I am still a young person, so I may post incorrect information.
I don't have a literary talent, so I may have given an incomprehensible explanation.
If you see such an article, please point it out from contact .
Since it is operated by an individual, it is very helpful for everyone's suggestions and relief.

We are also looking for people who can create and provide articles and recipes.
One article is fine, so please contact us if you are interested.
If you want to write a blog, but it's troublesome to register and you can't update it frequently, let's update OMUSUBI together.

If you say "Yeah! Good luck boy!", Please treat yourself to a cup of coffee.
Thank you for your continued support of OMUSUBI.

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