How to make Frying pan Cover

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Explains how to make a simple frying pan cover using leftover cloth and paracord.
Since the seams are not visible, even amateurs can easily make them.



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  • Prepare a piece of string that is twice the size of the frying pan + 20 cm.
    You can use paracord instead of string, and since it doesn't require precise tightening, you can use hemp string used for the crater.


  • [Cut] Cut the cloth to twice the length of the handle of the frying pan.
    You will need to sew the bottom, but you can also use two pieces of fabric that are long enough to cover the handle. Allow yourself a little extra time in this case.

  • [Cut] Cut the cut cloth to the width of the frying pan [Outline + twice the depth + sewn part (about 2 cm)].
    Since I am a sloppy person, I picked up the cloth and cut it slightly longer than the edge of the frying pan.

  • [Fabric edge treatment] I skipped it because it's a sloppy work, but I overlock both ends of the fabric to prevent it from fraying.
    Be sure to do this, otherwise the fabric will fray and become smaller.

  • [Creating a hole for the string] Draw a line 1.5 cm above the surface of the cut cloth.
    If you use a thin string, it may be a little narrower.

  • [Creating the opening for the string] Make a mountain fold around the line you made earlier and sew the edge side.

  • [Treatment of the edge] Fold the fabric in two with the back side facing out, and sew the bottom side through the opening for the string you created.
    Let's sew with room to spare as shown in the picture.
    This will also be the back side when finished, so I haven't done the edge processing, but if you're interested, let's do the edge processing.

  • Turn the fabric inside out to expose the front side.

  • Pass the string through the opening. It will be easier to pass through if you use a string threader or use a thread in a good way.
    This time, I only had thick paracord left over, so I put it out on one side.

  • Cut the string with the cover open and tie the end so that it does not get inside.
    I didn't want to hang around, so I cut it at the last minute in the photo, but I think it's okay to leave it a little longer.

  • I didn't use it this time because I didn't have any leftovers, but it's complete after attaching a cord stopper.
    Of course, you can tie it without a cord stopper.

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Writer : Hashi-ryu

The operator of this site. Prefer military and simple camping gear. He is studying bushcraft exclusively.

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