How to clean an Iron Pan

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Explain how to remove the dirt stuck to the iron frying pan.



It is a method to clean the dirt and burns stuck to the iron frying pan that cannot be removed by normal cleaning.

This cleaning method is not a daily maintenance, but a large-scale cleaning that requires re-seasoning to restore the iron frying pan to its initial state.
Be sure to re-season after cleaning.


  • If you use a normal stove, the fire will cling to the sides of the frying pan, so there is no problem.


  • initial state.
    You can see that it's burnt and the oil is burnt and uneven.

  • Burn off the dirt with high heat to carbonize the stuck dirt.
    You want to bake for about 10 minutes, but when the frying pan starts to smoke and no longer smokes, it's a guideline for completion.

  • Wait for the frying pan to cool.
    It's hard to see in the photo, but the dirt will carbonize and turn white or brown.

  • Use a metal scrubber and cleanser to remove dirt.
    Because it is a time-consuming task, wash thoroughly until the dirt is removed.

  • Rinse regularly with water and check for any remaining dirt.
    The dirt on the side of the photo is not completely removed.

  • It is complete when it turns silver.
    There are still black areas left in the photo, but this is not a problem.

  • Finally, lightly wash the inside of the frying pan.
    Then it's okay.

  • It is the finished form.
    Let's do seasoning after this.

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