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Explanation of titanium pegs, not only Boundless Voyage. You can find the right peg for you by comparing with various manufacturers.


Speaking of pegs, forged steel has won the trust and security of a forged steel peg, but I would like to tell you that titanium has not lost.
However, since pegs are good or bad against the ground, there is no such thing as "forged steel is number one!" or "titanium is number one!".

What kind of metal is titanium? So if you are a person, please read this article as well.

What is Boundless Voyage

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Speaking of titanium pegs, this maker "Boundless Voyage"
Boundless Voyage depends on which maker, but I love all Chinese makers. However, this Boundless Voyage is not a maker, it's cheap or bad, it's not the usual Chinese use. I make a lot of titanium products and have some, but I can trust them with confidence.
Manufacturers who have a strong commitment to titanium for whatever reason, can make anything with titanium. There must have been titanium products that were only available at Boundless Voyage.
There are some parts that are worth the price, but I can't say "I broke right away!"
Official website

Boundless Voyage titanium pegs

Boundless Voyage has 4 types of titanium pegs.
I want to buy it according to the application, but since the repertoire of length is small, it is easy to get close to solid, so it is sometimes scratched.
*The name is extracted from the wording of the product title.


left 20cm / right 16.8cmleft 20cm / right 16.8cm
left 20cm / right 16.8cm
Length Diameter Weight yen/One
Product 20cm 0.5cm 18g ¥335
Product 16.8cm 0.5cm 15g ¥288
another company 25cm 0.8cm 100g -

Weight difference between 10 pieces: 820g *Compare with 20cm

This 20cm is my favorite. Very light! Even if the wind is a little strong, it's messy at all, and because it's thin, it's a nice nail peg that can slip into soil mixed with pebbles.
Sometimes it just feels too thin, and sometimes the length is unbearable. A titanium peg like a poor midfielder that is both main and sub.
Recommended for those who want a titanium peg that is almighty or safe, compared to other titanium pegs. (Really poor dexterity)


left 30cm / right 24cmleft 30cm / right 24cm
left 30cm / right 24cm
Length Diameter Weight yen/One
Product 40cm 0.8cm 93g ¥766
Product 35cm 0.8cm 81g ¥700
Product 30cm 0.8cm 71.5g ¥650
Product 24cm 0.8cm 57.8g ¥574
Product 20cm 0.7cm 38.5g ¥488
another company 28cm 0.9cm 190g -

Difference in weight between 10 pieces: 1,185g *Comparison with 30cm

30cm is mainly used. Actually I want to use 24cm as the main, but since the nail is 20cm, it is 30cm because it is higher.
30cm is still a little heavy. It's about one-tenth the weight of steel, but it's the strongest, but it's best to have it with a titanium nail peg.
But thanks to that, Suguremono doesn't bend and sting on any ground.
This peg is recommended as a main force.


Left 20cm / Middle 16.5cm / Right 15cmLeft 20cm / Middle 16.5cm / Right 15cmLeft 20cm / Middle 16.5cm / Right 15cm
Left 20cm / Middle 16.5cm / Right 15cm
Length Diameter Weight yen/One
Product 20cm 0.5cm 19.3g ¥323
Product 16.5cm 0.3cm 6g ¥154
Product 15cm 0.3cm 5.5g ¥154
another company 21cm 0.6cm 50g -

Weight difference between 10 pieces: 307g *Comparison with 20cm

It's a so-called pin peg, but the mysterious name is a titanium peg whose product name is "stake".
This is recommended for people who like mountain climbing, backpack camping, pegs, etc. If it's soil, 16.5 cm is enough.
I wonder if somebody wants a nail peg for nails but wants a place to hook it.

V type

Left 16.3cm / Right 16cmLeft 16.3cm / Right 16cm
Left 16.3cm / Right 16cm
Length Diameter Weight yen/One
Product 16.3cm 2cm 17g ¥325
Product 16cm 1.5cm 11.9g ¥253
another company 18cm 1.2cm 13g -

Made by another company: 18cm × 1.2cm / 13g
Weight difference between 10 pieces: -40g *Compare with 16.3cm

Isn't it possible to win by weight when it comes to aluminum? But titanium is about three times stronger than aluminum, so this titanium peg is recommended for V peg lovers. However, its strength is weak compared to other titanium pegs.
Is the price a disadvantage when comparing aluminum vs. aluminum? high…


The first is lightness. It's almost ten times lighter than steel because I've explained it a lot.
Among camping equipment, pegs are not cost-effective in terms of weight and usability.
The advantage of titanium pegs is that they are light in weight. The other advantage is after all.

Another advantage (by-product) is that cleaning is easy.
Because it has excellent corrosion resistance, it can be washed with water even if it gets dirty, and it is soaked in seawater. Great for sea camps.
Unlike cast steel pegs, it's also round, so I'm glad that you can easily remove the soil with a wipe with a rag.

After that, when a man's romance is filled with titanium alone (merit?)
Many people seem to use the torch to color the original titanium peg.

It seems that it's harder to pull out than cast steel on a rainy day. I don't know.
Cast steel is uneven, so it's easy for rainwater to enter. I don't know.


After all, the disadvantage is price. It's not the most expensive, but it's a good quality body blow when you think you'll collect more.
If you look at 6 pieces from 3,000yen to 3,900yen, there is an atmosphere that "it's about the same as the manufacturer's peg?"
Elize's forged peg 28 cm is about 360yen per titanium, One solid 30 cm costs about 650yen. Take.
Compared to the cheap ones I don't know well, the price is unpredictable.

After that, it's round, so I'll turn around. It's okay if you drive it to the root, and it doesn't matter if it's nails or V, so I don't care.
Be careful for people with miscellaneous pegs.

And after all, the absolute strength loses to steel.
That's why there aren't so many bends, but I think people bend when they hit the place where they stab it without worrying about anything.
A strong peg that breaks stones! I don't know if I can say that.

By the way, the nail peg has no hooks, so it's okay if you worry about it coming off.
If you keep the rope and peg at a 90-degree angle, you won't get out. Even if Japan goes down due to a catastrophe, it probably won't come out.
People who want a sense of peace of mind can pierce the washer and use it.

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image photoimage photo

Similar titanium pegs

Titanium pegs, so I introduced the Boundless Voyage, but since it is being sold by other manufacturers, it is also a light introduction.



It's not a Boundless Voyage but a similar Chinese manufacturer. Should I just erase the logo? A product that feels like. I think it's the same no matter which one I buy.

ELLISSE 64 titanium pegs


Length: 20cm / Diameter: 0.7cm / Weight: 40g / 1piece 990yen product

It is no exaggeration to say that it is the most popular casting peg, from ELLISSE-chan to titanium nail pegs. It has a higher spec than the Boundless Voyage nail peg.
This is oval rather than round, and does not come with a pull-out paracord. Is it supposed to have the same bending resistance as the normal Elysée stake?
And expensive. One 990yen. high. It may be a safe Japanese manufacturer, but it is not cost effective.

TOAKS nail pegs


Length: 15.5cm / Diameter: 0.4cm / Weight: 9g / 1piece 1495yen product

This one costs about 495yen. If the specifications are the same, I can endure this price, but this shortness is fatal. I think I'll turn...

TOAKS Hook pegs


Length: 16.3cm / Diameter: 0.3cm / Weight: 7g / 1piece 1466yen product

If you pay 466yen for one and buy a 3mm peg, the peg that came with the tent might be enough. I can't find the reason to buy it.

TOAKS V shape pegs


Length: 16.5cm / Width: 1.4cm / Weight: 17g / 1piece 1734yen product

I wanted to say that I would like to recommend it to those who like V-peg, but it costs 734yen per piece. high! !! Is it made by Orichalcum?
TOAKS Titanium Pegs, is that for TOAKS fans?

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Writer : Hashi-ryu

The operator of this site. Prefer military and simple camping gear. He is studying bushcraft exclusively.

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