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[Tip] A cut that flattens and bevels the tip.Used to make it easier to beat.


Used to flatten the head and make it easier to hit when hitting the tip with a peg.
It is also used when simply adjusting the appearance.

How to make

  • Process 1

    Chamfer the circumference of the tip of the branch by cutting it diagonally in the same way as a pencil sharpener.
    The cutting range is short because it makes it easier to cut the tip horizontally.
    Also be careful not to be too sharp.

  • Process 2

    Cut the tip of the branch horizontally and flatten it to complete.
    It's easy to break if it's thin, so make it about 70-80% of its original thickness.

Important point

If the head part is slanted, it may not stick straight, so try to make it as flat as possible.

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Writer : Hashi-ryu

The operator of this site. Prefer military and simple camping gear. He is studying bushcraft exclusively.

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