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Which metal is suitable for cooking? How warm is aluminum? Is Titanium Hard? I've put together that kind of metal and this.With the knowledge of thermal conductivity and strength


I tried profiling the character of metal.
I heard that you can't cook titanium. Why? Why is it delicious when you grill meat on an iron plate? You can understand such a question if you know the characteristics of metal. Let's use it when choosing camping gear. Pachi Pachi

However, be aware that the characteristics of metal can change due to processing. (Especially stainless steel)
But unless you use it in a special or specialized way, you don't have to judge the detailed characteristics of each process.

Metal speciality is often expressed as good or bad, but it has advantages and disadvantages depending on the purpose of use, so decide what to use and what you want Please.
If the thermal conductivity is good, it will warm up easily, but it will easily cool down. Toka Toka

Comparison table of metals

Metallic name Weight (specific gravity) Strength (HV) Thermal conductivity (W/cm K) Melting point (℃) Corrosion resistance Price
Stainless steel 8 187 17 1480 High Medium
Aluminum 3 35 237 657 Middle Medium
Duralumin 3 130 134 571 Low Medium
Iron 8 110 80 1538 Low Low
Titanium 5 130 22 1725 High High
copper 9 75 403 338 Middle Medium

*This table is made for people who do not know, and it also contains nuances and personal opinions, so those who are familiar with metals can think that their knowledge is more accurate.
*For those who refer to this table, please look at the image and character of metal.

There are many types of stainless steel alone, and each has different values and characteristics, and the strength and amount of money vary depending on the processing and type. The strength and strain strength are different, and the corrosion resistance also differs due to electrolytic corrosion, oxidation and ionization.
Among them, I thought about "general image like this" and "Is it a camping tool?"


Iron is a hard and heavy metal that is strong but easily rusts.

That's iron. In English, it's called IRON or STEEL. IRON means ore and STEEL means processed steel. But IRON is also called iron and STEEL is called steel. Either way, IRON feels pure and STEEL feels like human hands are added.

I made it cheap in the comparison table, but it will also be effective depending on the processing.
Although it is inferior in strength to stainless steel, iron is tenacious and bends sharply when bent, and stainless steel is hard and snaps easily (image)
Iron is a few grams lighter than stainless steel Since it must be thick and thick to supplement strength, it tends to be heavy.
In addition, since it is easily distorted by heat, there are many simple fireplaces.
Since it rusts soon, rust-proofing and seasoning are required.

The name of the difference between iron and steel depends on the amount of carbon.


In general, steel products including steel are called iron. Or rather, the iron imagined by ordinary people is 99.9999% steel. Technically, carbon with less than 0.02% carbon is called iron, and it is softer and more brittle than steel. And it rusts in an instant.


Steel with higher carbon content is harder. Basically, the thing called iron almost refers to steel.
Steel is an alloy made by adding additives to iron. Famous Japanese kitchen knives are blue steel, white steel, and yellow steel. Blue steel is hard and hard to sharpen but hard to sharpen, and white steel is soft and easy to sharpen but easy to sharpen. etc.

Why grilling meat on an iron plate is delicious

Because it's delicious when you grill meat, it's also popular in camps. Teppan. It seems that the thick one is especially good.
The reason why it tastes so delicious is that iron has a low thermal conductivity and a high heat storage property, so is hard to cool and accumulates heat, resulting in a high amount of heat.
A thick iron plate is good because it stores heat as much as it is thick.


When you fry vegetables, it seems that the water in the vegetables evaporates immediately and you can bake them crispy and delicious. Then, it seems that sweetness comes out because it is steamed with water derived from vegetables.
If you use a thin iron plate, the amount of heat will be low and you will not be able to evaporate the water.

Also, the heat spreads evenly on one side of the iron plate, making it less likely to cause uneven grilling, and you can slowly cook the entire meat slowly without burning and be delicious.
Since heat is transferred evenly, large cooking utensils such as Dutch ovens and woks used as ovens are basically made of iron.


It has a heat storage property, so it is difficult to cool it even if it is removed from the fire. (It's like a dish of a family restaurant)
It's hard to cool, so it takes time for the iron to warm up.

*If you talk in detail, thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity, heat and temperature will be different, but it will be long, so stop it.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a steel alloy that is resistant to rust and has few defects.

A metal that is easy to use because it has no such drawbacks. The official name is stainless steel, which means that it does not rust because it is stainless steel. Strictly it rusts.
As the name suggests, it is an alloy made by mixing iron with chromium, and there are so many types that you can't remember it without an iron fetish. More than 200 kinds?
Characteristics vary depending on the application, from things that do not rust even when sinking in the sea to those that are indoors that quickly rust outdoors.

Various products are made by taking advantage of the low thermal conductivity of camping gear.
The body of the cooker is aluminum with good thermal conductivity, and the handle part is made of stainless steel so that it does not get hot.

snow peak
snow peak

Since it's hard to cool, it's also used in thermos bottles. Everyone loves THERMOS, who is also the leader in stainless steel thermos.


But the advantages and disadvantages, so aluminum kettles with good thermal conductivity will boil quickly but easily, and stainless steel kettles are difficult to cool but it takes time to boil. It is necessary to use them properly depending on the purpose.
Cooking rice and pottery is made of aluminum, and when making a pan, use a stainless steel cooker that is hard to cool.

Most of the assembled bonfires are made of stainless steel because they are strong against heat and can be made thin.


Aluminum is a soft and light metal that has good thermal conductivity and is inexpensive.

High thermal conductivity, Cooker, lightness From free metal fittings and other small items. It doesn't matter in the camp, but the electric power factor of electricity is also good.
On the contrary, it is not strong enough to be used for main pegs, and its melting point is low, so it cannot be used for wood stoves.
Ice spoons made of aluminum are famous for transmitting heat from fingers to melt the ice.

Keeping warm with aluminum?

This page is for those who wondered, "Why does aluminum, which has good thermal conductivity, be used for cold and heat insulation purposes because it has a heat storage effect when its thermal conductivity is poor?" Must have read carefully. I love you.
Aluminum has a good thermal conductivity, so there is no heat insulation effect that does not transmit heat, but it is suitable for cold insulation as it has an excellent heat shielding effect that repels heat.

emergency blanket and aluminum mat Something is a structure that reflects the body temperature without letting it escape to the outside and warms the body.
soft cooler bag Something uses aluminum for keeping cold.
By the way, the soft cooler does not bounce the cold air inside, but bounces infrared rays from the outside. On top of that, I put a sponge in the aluminum sheet to prevent the cold air inside from leaking out and double-layer measures.

It's easy to understand if people think "insulation/heat shielding" means "insulation blocks the heat that is directly transmitted" and "heat shielding repels the shining heat".
The aluminum sheet on the windshield of the car also repels the heat of sunlight.
It may be easier to understand the difference between heat insulation and heat insulation in Lifetech's Youtube below.



Duralumin is an aluminum alloy with high strength.

An alloy made by combining aluminum with copper or magnesium. It feels like aluminum with increased strength, corrosion resistance and a lower melting point.
There is also a higher-ranking version of super-duralumin or ultra-super-duralumin. English names are Super Duralumin and Extra Super Duralumin.

In Camping Gear, it's a helinox type cotchair and table foot and Paul
Although you need to be careful about the names such as aluminum poles, aluminum chairs, and aluminum, there are things like duralumin (aluminum alloy) when you look at the specs, and there are things that are written only as aluminum.

aluminum, aluminum, aluminum alloys...
aluminum, aluminum, aluminum alloys...

By the way, Duralumin(ium)t is a compound word using the name of aluminum as the name of. It seems that there is a theory that the synthetic partner comes from Düren, the location of the manufacturer who made duralumin, and durus, which means hard in Latin.


Titanium is a hard and light metal with poor thermal conductivity and high price.

Titanium is a metal that is hard and light and does not corrode unless you consider heat resistance and precision.
It is said that it is half the weight of iron and 2-3 times stronger than aluminum.
It is more expensive than stainless steel or aluminum, but it is the cheapest among metals with specs in the precious metal class.

*Precious metals are precious, chemically stable metals that are rare and do not corrode. Gold and platinum

Even though it is

, it is more expensive as a material than competing metals, and it is extremely difficult to process, so it becomes very expensive.

Originally, it was a dull grayish color, but when heated it turned blue-violet, and boys like it very much.
Because it becomes blue above 200℃ and purple from 400℃, a beautiful gradation is drawn.

image photo

As a camping gear, it is commonly used as an upper class (?) of aluminum and stainless steel.
bonfire stand, Wood stove, Wood stove, Cooker, cutlery, peg, net, and so on.

Be sure to read this article about titanium pegs.

Since the thermal conductivity is poor, the mug does not transfer the heat of the hand, so cold drinks do not easily get warm, and hot drinks do not make the mug hot.
In addition, it has the advantages of durability, lightness and thinness such as no bending, no cracking, no rusting, and the effect of being burnt.

Speaking of poor thermal conductivity, the titanium cooker only heats the exposed parts of the fire, making it difficult to heat the entire cooker and easy to burn. There is. So it is difficult for titanium cookers unless they are mainly cooked with water such as boiling or boiling water.

Titanium products demonstrate their true lightness when they can be made thinner than competing stainless steel products. The material itself is light and strong, so it can be made thinner and lighter.

There is also an alloy called SUS316Ti, which has improved corrosion resistance at high temperature by combining titanium with stainless steel. Tschum bonfire Something.

By the way, titanium is German, titanium (Titanium) is English, and because of its strength, it was named after the Greek mythology Titan.
It doesn't matter, but the name Titan is often given as a synonym for big things. Like the luxury liner Titanic.


It is a soft metal with good thermal conductivity and easily melts and corrodes.

Copper-chan is often used for heat exchangers and other invisible parts because of its high thermal conductivity.
It's easy to rust and too soft, so it's not so common in everyday products. What I can think of is that the heat is transferred quickly and evenly, and it is used for egg roaster.
Another characteristic is that it is used for drainage basket because of its high antibacterial properties.

When copper is corroded, it becomes green rust called patina.
Unlike other metals, this rust also plays a role of a protective film. Of course, it seems that corrosion is progressing little by little.
Furthermore, many of the products are plated because of the false information that the antibacterial action of copper affects the human body and that the rust of copper is bad for the human body. Is it hygiene law?
The Great Buddha of Kamakura and the Statue of Liberty are green because they are made of copper and rusty.

image photoimage photo

Peg hammer heads are the most often seen at Camp Gua. Because it is soft, it crushes the copper and bites the peg, softening the impact on the arm, but it is also a consumable item.

snow peak peg hammer
snow peak peg hammer

Also, the kettle of Eagle Products is made of copper only on the bottom so that it can be heated quickly.


And the copper mug that's been popular recently. If you put cold beer or ice, the whole cup will cool and you can experience the kinkin kinkin with your body. It's copper, but it's kin...
Be careful when pouring hot drinks, as the mugs get hot.
I like it too Copadoor. (Beautiful manager) The manufacturer of that Komeda coffee mug is run by Copadoor ..
Mr. Copadore's Frequently Asked Questions about Copper Products Page So, read about copper in detail, so check it out.


Euro is written in kanji, but it's difficult to write, so it's a cute child written in katakana, enamel.
Enamel is a product made by coating a glassy coating on the surface of metal such as iron or aluminum and baking it.
Since it has the durability of metal and the durability of glass, it is hard to break and resistant to acid and bacteria. Does not corrode like metal.

It is often used for tableware at camps because the smell of food is difficult to transfer and it does not break unlike pottery and glass.
Since the contents are metal, you can also put it on an open flame. It doesn't matter at the camp, but the microwave is NG. Tohoho
Because it has a gloss, it has a beautiful appearance.

nabe and tapper is made thicker, so it has high heat storage so it is hard to cool and warm, but mug cup etc. are thin so there is no particular effect.

The object itself is made of metal so it is hard to break, but the surface is glass, so the coated part is easy to break.
But if it gets dirty or scorched, you can clean it with baking soda, but if you use it for many years, the glass coating will come off and it will look bad.
It is vulnerable to sudden temperature changes, so it is NG to add water to cool it when it is hot.

By the way, whiteboards and road signs are also enamel.


image photo

In addition, I will write about carbon.
Carbon is the carbon that corresponds to the element symbol C, “ku” in “Suiherry-Boku no Fu”, and the name of carbon is given just by using this carbon, It is a level that you can think of as a completely different object even with the name "carbon". It seems that 80% of the compounds (more than 70 million) discovered so far are carbon compounds.
Soot is also called carbon and made into a fiber carbon fiber (carbon fiber) , That made with resin reinforced plastic is also simply called carbon.

What you see in camping gear is carbonized acrylic fiber carbon felt. It is a non-combustible sheet laid under the bonfire.
carbon steel, which is an alloy of iron and carbon. The one that comes out with an Opinel or Mora knife.
Carbide lamps are also used because they burn calcium carbide.
Also carbonate included in beer is also carbonic acid in English. Is it a literal translation?

Carbon is often combined with other substances to increase its strength. Steel that is hardened by combining carbon with iron explained above.

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Writer : Hashi-ryu

The operator of this site. Prefer military and simple camping gear. He is studying bushcraft exclusively.

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