Tofu Ajillo

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Just stew cotton tofu in olive oil and garlic! It's simple, but it goes well with sake, so it's perfect for snacks.

Food Stuff

  • Cotton tofu

    Half dice

  • Olive oil


  • garlic

    1 piece

  • Round sliced pepper

    Appropriate amount

  • salt

    Appropriate amount

  • Black pepper

    Appropriate amount


  • Draining cotton tofu
    If you are camping, keep the tofu container tilted or wipe it off with kitchen paper.
    (It is better to drain the water in the refrigerator from the night before)

  • Cut the tofu into pieces that are easy to eat

  • Add olive oil (about 150 ml?), Sliced pepper, garlic, and an appropriate amount of salt to a skillet, etc., and add a low heat
    garlic scent.

  • Add tofu and heat over low heat

  • Finally, sprinkle with black pepper and it\'s done.


It is better to drain the tofu in the refrigerator from the night before.

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    Writer : Midorin

    I just love making and eating delicious food at the camp. I also like the bonfire, the starry sky, the Asahi, and the hot springs after the withdrawal. It has become a hobby before I knew it.

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