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Thorough explanation of everything from major LED, oil, and gasoline lanterns to carbide lamps, canteras, and Cambrian lanterns.


Lantern has a wide variety of types and functions, and has a strong hobby and taste. Super analysis of various types of lanterns!
Because one lantern changes the night camp completely, find a lantern that tastes like endorphins are over-secreted.

Difference in name

If you are looking for a lantern, you can see the difference in name, so I will explain it.


Those used as lighting are collectively called lamps.


"A lamp that you can carry in your hand".


Cantera is a Dutch word called candle holder or candle stick in English. Lighting that literally uses a candle as a light source.
In Japan, not candles but lamps used in railways and ships and lamps for some mines are called cantera.

Gasoline Lantern

A gasoline lantern is a lantern that uses white gasoline as fuel.
A mechanism in which the mantle emits light when fuel is added and the tank is pressurized by pumping and then ignited.

Bright Stable in high places and cold regions
Can be used together with fuel Can be used semi-permanently
Fuel is expensive Fuel is difficult to obtain
There is no compact thing There are few types
There is a burning sound
L: Dual fuel lantern | R: One mantle lantern L: Dual fuel lantern | R: One mantle lantern
L: Dual fuel lantern | R: One mantle lantern

There are so few lanterns that I can only see Coleman now.
Since white gasoline is used not only for lanterns but also for fuels such as single burner Fuel can be used together, and if all gears are made of white gasoline, the amount of fuel will be reduced. (I don't see much)
The first feature is that it can be used stably in high places and cold regions. Originally, a single burner was made as sturdy as it was made by the U.S. military, saying, "It can be used cold or hot and can be made small."
By the way, Coleman was originally a manufacturer specializing in gasoline lanterns.

Also, it is no exaggeration to say that the standard gasoline lantern from Coleman has the most light and is the brightest of all lanterns. I'm too bright, so I don't light it up at full throttle.
Mine lamps, volatile oil safety lights, minor lanterns, and wolf lights can also use "primarily" white gasoline, but this is not bright. A lantern with a lighter hair.
Gas shops don't recommend gasoline, but you can use it for the time being. There is a lot of soot and the maintenance is difficult.

Coleman also sells lantern parts firmly, so if you maintain it well, you can use it semipermanently unless it is a wreck.
I'm using North Star also maintained and handed over what my father used. Stuff.

seal replacement of pumping partseal replacement of pumping part
seal replacement of pumping part

Is there a drawback that you can only get white gasoline at an outdoor goods store? I can't take it with me when I travel.
Since the lantern itself is structurally larger, I'm worried about whether to bring it at the backpack camp.

Also, the mantle is so weak that it collapses just by blowing on it, so if you knock it down, the mantle will break and you won't be able to use it. If you don't have a spare, you could run out of light.
Be careful about moving your bike.

The burning sound may be quite noisy.

Oil Lantern

kerosene (kerosene/white kerosene) or paraffin oil.
Most oil lanterns are fuel hand type lanterns. The most common lantern that uses fire as a light source.

Difference between kerosene and paraffin oil

Kerosene is brighter and cheaper than paraffin oil, but dangerous because it is highly flammable and vaporizable. If you do not do well
Many people dislike it because it has soot and smell.
Be careful when handling it, such as roughening it when you touch it, melting the same petroleum-derived asphalt, and making stains on concrete.
By the way, kerosene kerosene is called paraffin oil in Britain. It's complicated.

Paraffin oil is darker and more expensive than kerosene, but it is safe to handle because it has low flammability and vaporization properties. There are many kinds of insect repellent such as herbs.
Is paraffin oil more popular in camping because it has less smell and dirt and is easy to carry?
Ingredients are the same as liquid candles. Paraffin is paraffin in Japanese. Crayons, petrolatum and baby oil are also paraffin.

Most oil lanterns can be used with kerosene or paraffin oil. Some people mix and use the two fuels.

Pressurized Lantern

It seems that there is no merit other than bright, but the existence itself is a merit.
Basically, it's okay to think of it as a kerosene version of a gasoline lantern.

There is no compact thing There are few types
There is a burning sound Preheat required
L: Petromax | R: Vaiparax L: Petromax | R: Vaiparax
L: Petromax | R: Vaiparax

I have to use alcohol to vaporize kerosene and preheat it called preheat. If you can't do this properly, you'll be a delicate child who will be full of soot and won't emit light properly.

There are anonymous manufacturers, but basically there should be two choices, Petromax or Vaiparax.

It's a stylish lantern that takes time and effort, but for those who use it habitually.

Fuerhand Lantern

A child also called a hurricane lantern.
Ignite the wick soaked with fuel to make it a light source. It feels like a big ZIPPO.

It's easy to light up Compact
No sound Various types

You can ignite it as it is, but it is common to cut both ends of the core into a trapezoid. The shape of the fire is stable and the combustion efficiency is good.

Unlike the pressurized type and gasoline lantern, the absolute light is weak, but there is no sound because it just ignites the core. It is also wonderful to enjoy the shimmering fire.
It's compact and doesn't have a mantle, so you can hang it on your backpack.

Various types are available, with different tank capacities and core thicknesses, ranging from low-priced items in the 3,000 yen range to vintage items worth around 10,000 yen. But if you don't know it, they all look the same.

The size looks the same in the photos, so be careful when you shop online. Small objects are as dark as a candle lantern.

Gas Lantern

A lantern that is set in a CB or OD can or a large dedicated gas can to ignite.
Small fires like candle lanterns and mantle styles.

It's easy to light up Various types
Can be used together with fuel
There is a burning sound Burning time is short
L:snow peak | R:Coleman L:snow peak | R:Coleman
L:snow peak | R:Coleman

There are various types of this, so it cannot be said unequivocally.
Those that use CB cans are economical and easily available.
The mantle type is as bright as a gasoline lantern.
The candle type is compact.

It is an image that is often used for mountain climbing because it can use OD cans.
Burners have the advantage that they can be used as a lantern without any problem even if the remaining amount is such that the fire power becomes weak.

Candle Lantern

That candle.

Compact No fuel required
Dark Fuel efficiency is poor
Cleaning required
L:UCO | R:Candle holder L:UCO | R:Candle holder
L:UCO | R:Candle holder

Many are box-shaped and designed to prevent rain and wind. There are those that use special candles and those that use general-purpose candles.
If you use candles that have insect repellent effect, you can protect them from insects. Expensive is an unknown number...

The first advantage is that it does not require liquid fuel and is safe. It does not mean that flammable liquid overflows in the backpack.
There is also the output of the atmosphere, and it is nostalgic just to have one on the desk.
Since the fire is small, some people bring it into their tents.

Because the amount of light and the burning time are disappointing, it is deadly for a lantern. Basically a lantern atmosphere.

LED Lantern

One-touch. A great variety is available.
You can choose from two types: rechargeable and dry battery type.

Illuminate straight like a flashlight, or hang it to illuminate the area underneath. There are some lighting methods that are only possible with an LED, which makes it extremely convenient when moving or in a tent.
There are also things that have an emergency function that lights up or emits red light.

Basically, it's white light, so it doesn't wipe out the interior compared to fuel-type lanterns. Of course there are warm colors, but the ones of the third-class manufacturers are still white.

A must have item that has a function to charge other devices with solar power generation or USB, or a convenient lantern that can be attached with a magnet.
For convenience, I have one or two heads missing from other lanterns.
It's also white and bright, so I like YouTuber as a light source for shooting.


Economical Worried about running out of battery
Power supply required for consecutive nights Battery has a limited life
L:Taneho Ozuki | R: Barebones L:Taneho Ozuki | R: Barebones
L:Taneho Ozuki | R: Barebones

The first advantage is the economics of not using batteries, and the reduction of weight and luggage.You don't have to worry about running out of charge unless you forget to charge it, and even if you forget it, you can charge it with a mobile battery.

However, it can be used only in an environment where the battery can be recharged if it runs out, so it is not useful for continuous nights, or becomes an object when there is a power outage due to a disaster.


Can be used without a power supply Battery has no life
It gets heavy It is difficult to understand the remaining amount
L:Black Diamond | R:Quad multi panel L:Black Diamond | R:Quad multi panel
L:Black Diamond | R:Quad multi panel

After all, if there is a store such as a convenience store, the merit that it can be used at any time during a disaster or camping is huge.
If you can't buy it, you don't know when it will run out, so if you don't have a reserve, you'll be in a dark camp.

Unlike a rechargeable battery, it doesn't have a useful life, so it's attractive that you can use it endlessly unless you break it.
However, if the lantern is large enough to accommodate the battery, it will be heavier for the battery. Especially for a large lantern that requires 8 AA batteries, the battery alone weighs 1096g.

Carbide Lamp / Acetylene Lamp

A lamp that is also called a carbide lamp or an acetylene lamp.
The light source is a fire produced by burning acetylene with carbide.

Compact Bright
Illuminate the direction of travel
Requires repair knowledge Open flame
Can only illuminate in one direction A lot of soot
image photoimage photo

Carbide lamps are hard to get new now. Calcium carbide (>carbide) and water are put into the lamp, and the acetylene generated by dropping the water little by little into calcium carbide is used as the fuel.
It is a flashlight that illuminates the tip, and since it illuminates a wider area than a flashlight, it was often used for cave surveys and night fishing, but now the number of high-quality LED lamps has increased and the position has been robbed. It was
Now, it is mostly used by collectors and enthusiasts as a favorite, not to take advantage of the characteristics of carbide lamps.
By the way, it seems that there were various kinds in the past, such as the type that is attached to bicycle lights and hats.

It looks a bit like a fire, but it looks pretty bright.
Because acetylene is used, the temperature is high, and it is about 2000℃ or more, which is almost double the temperature of candles.

Because there are many old things, it is not suitable for those who can restore by themselves or who do not have someone to ask.


As explained in the difference in name, it is a lamp used on railways and ships.

L:Your Heart's Delight | R:こどもと暮らし L:Your Heart's Delight | R:こどもと暮らし
L:Your Heart's Delight | R:こどもと暮らし

If it is a vintage object or a vintage-like material, it is also called a cantera, referring to a carbide lamp or ordinary lantern.
This is a cantera because the definition is not clear! It's frustrating to say that.

There are things that illuminate the front and things that illuminate the surroundings. Since they were used as signals on railways, some may have red or green filters.

The popular Barebones railroad lamp also rail + A lantern that imitates a railway lantern because it is a railway by road.

Cambrian Lantern / Miners Lamp

Let me explain the name first.
First of all, it's called mining lamp, volatile oil safety lamp, Wolf lamp, Davy lamp, Cambrian lantern, Miners lamp. Is it a safety light as the official name?

Lamps used in mines are called mine lamps or miners lamps.

miners lamp, it was possible to confirm whether gas was being emitted, and the lamp made to prevent gas explosion was safety lamp. It's also called Davy Light.

Evan Thomas then founded a company called Cambrian Lamp Works, which manufactures safety lights derived from Davy lights, and later founded a company called Williams and Thomas & Williams.
I think that people who like Cambrian lanterns already understand, but E.Thomas & Williams So the Cambrian Lamp Works, the predecessor, is the origin of the Cambrian lantern.

it's been a long time.The Davy Light is an improved version of gasoline for use with the Volatile Safety Light. Also known as Wulf Light.
Davy light is derived from vegetable oil, and volatile oil is gasoline.
By the way, by the time the Wolf light comes out, it has been developed in various ways such as Crannie light, Purdy light, and Muzeler light.
Wolf's intention to make the wolf lamp is still Wolf Safety Lamp Company I'm alive as

So the name Cambrian lantern or miners lantern is like a minors lantern of E. Thomas & Williams, the only company that continues to manufacture even after the mine was abolished.
E. Thomas & Williams Ltd. Even after becoming the company name, I used to call it Cambrian Lamp Works.
Also, the name Cambrian lantern is a mistranslation, or a common name that unfamiliar people may have begun to use after seeing the Cambrian emblem. There is no safety light with the name "Cambrian lantern".
It seems that the Minor's Lantern also became a Minor Lantern.

The materials of E. Thomas & Williams and Cambrian Lamp Works at that time were You can see it at here.
Wolf's history is this.

I explained variously, but if it is a "lantern that imitates a safety light", I think that a Cambrian lantern or a minor lamp will do.
But if you have a vintage item, please call it with a suitable name.

dark Poor maintainability
L:E.Thomas & Williams  | R:JD Burford L:E.Thomas & Williams  | R:JD Burford
L:E.Thomas & Williams | R:JD Burford
L: Davy lamp | R: Wolf lampL: Davy lamp | R: Wolf lamp
L: Davy lamp | R: Wolf lamp

Structurally, it is exactly that of ZIPPO. A light source that puts fuel in the lower part and ignites the wick, which is soaked with fuel by flint ignition similar to a lighter or ZIPPO, as a light source.
The wire mesh is layered on the top to prevent gas explosion.

Various fuels are said, but basically gasoline, kerosene, or paraffin oil is all right.
Gasoline and kerosene are not recommended because they contain soot and are highly dangerous. I wouldn't recommend gasoline or kerosene if you choose Miners Lamp depending on the atmosphere and appearance.
However, since this is information about vintage safety lights, I don't really understand recent Cambrian lanterns.

If you like E. Thomas & Williams type miners lamps, I recommend Davy Lamps.

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