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Wiener's gravy spreads in the mouth with a crispy texture, and it is an exquisite snack that combines the flavor of perilla and the richness of cheese.The combination of this exquisite taste and the idea dishes that you don't usually see makes it a snack that impresses everyone who eats it.

Food Stuff

  • Dumpling Skin

    1 sheet

  • Macrophyll

    1 sheet

  • Sliced Cheese

    Half of one

  • Wiener



  • Put a large leaf on the gyoza skin.
    If you put the cheese first, the perilla leaves tend to get in the way when you roll it, so if you put it first, it will be easier to roll.

  • Place sliced cheese cut in half.
    If the cheese has a strong taste, the flavor of the perilla leaves will disappear, so cut it into smaller pieces.

  • Put a wiener on it. You can put it in the middle and wind it from the left and right, or you can roll it from the edge.

  • Bake the whole gyoza skin so that it is lightly browned. The gyoza skin is easy to burn, so bake it smoothly over medium heat.


It burns quickly even on medium heat, but be careful as the unburned part will remain even if it is baked on low heat, resulting in a savory texture.
First of all, it is easier to go well if you gradually increase the heat and bake while watching how it burns on low heat.
It may open during baking, so if you bake from the joint part first, it will be difficult to open (I think).
Because it can be baked immediately, you can always eat deliciously by baking 2-3 bottles per person little by little instead of baking them all at once. When it gets cold, the cheese hardens and you can't enjoy the warm gravy of Wiener, which is one of the attractions.


  • For those who want to enjoy the flavor of perilla, it is delicious even without cheese.

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