How to season a cast Iron Pan

How to season a cast Iron Pan image

Explains how to season an iron frying pan with an oil film to protect it from sticking and burning.


  • Sesame oil

  • salt

  • vegetable scraps

  • cooking paper


How to season a cast iron skillet.
In addition to the general method, "coating accompanying use" is also a method.



  • Heat the water after washing to evaporate.
    Not needed if pan is not wet.

  • Add sesame oil to a depth of about 1cm, add salt and heat.

  • Add vegetable scraps.
    If the frying pan is small, cut the vegetable scraps into smaller pieces.

  • Use vegetable scraps to coat the sides with sesame oil.

  • Turn off the heat and transfer the vegetable scraps and oil to another container.
    With normal seasoning, it is finished after washing, but since there is sesame oil left over, we will add an oil film.

  • Lightly wash with water and wipe off moisture with cooking paper.
    The edge of the side is brown, but there is no problem in this state. For details, please see the Tips and Points section.

  • It evaporates the water when washing over the fire.

  • Apply a thin layer of sesame oil and heat over high heat.
    At this time, the deep part is also exposed to the fire and baked firmly.

  • When the pan starts to smoke and no longer smokes, turn off the heat and let the pan cool.
    If you proceed to the next step without letting the oil cool down completely, it may cause the oil to burn (brown color), so let it cool down completely.

  • Repeat steps 8-9 twice.
    Even if a brown part appears on the way, you can erase it by repeating steps 8 and 9, so do not rub it with a metal scrubbing brush.

  • done.
    It is perfect if the frying pan is black and shiny.


[Thermal power in step 8]
In step 8, it is necessary to burn off the oil thoroughly, so let's use maximum heat

[About the brown part]
Seasoning makes the frying pan brown. It is in a state of burning without being baked.
If you use it, it will disappear, so there is no problem as it is, and you can erase it by repeating steps 8 and 9.
There are many causes, such as a lot of oil and weak firepower.
The reason why the edges tend to turn brown is because the oil is not completely burned off due to the heat.
Let's judge whether it is burnt by referring to the image below.

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