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Introducing the all-purpose Cooker Mestin that one camp or mountaineer would have!


It is an aluminum mess tin with a handle. It is also convenient as an accessory case or a lunch box. Because it is made of aluminum with high thermal conductivity, the heat goes around and the rice can be cooked very deliciously even with an alcohol burner.引用元:iwatani-primus.co.jp

Weight: 150g Size: 17 x 9.5 x 6.2cm
Capacity: 750mℓ
Aluminum (solid)
□ Estimated cooking: up to about 1.8 go

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Because it is made of aluminum with high thermal conductivity, the heat goes around and the rice is delicious even with alcohol burner Can be cooked. You can cook delicious food in a short time.
It can also be used as a lunch box.


Seasoning is required before use. (Trangia also needs deburring)
If it is not seasoned, it will easily rust or burn. Also, the ingredients have an aluminum odor.

Seasoning / Deburring

Before using Mestin, there are some things you should do first.


Mestin is sold in the form of unprocessed solid aluminum, so seasoning is required.
By forming a film on aluminum, it is possible to prevent food from smelling aluminum and to protect the surface of aluminum to prevent it from rusting or burning.

  • ① Wash Mestin cleanly with detergent (remove the handle)
  • ② Put rice broth in a pot (amount enough to soak Mestin) and boil Mestin in it
  • ③ Boiling Then leave it for about 20 minutes
  • ④ Turn off the heat and leave it until it cools
  • ⑤ Wash it with water and dry it


What is a burr → Unnecessary protrusion.
Sharpen the corners with fine sandpaper so as not to cut your hands. Deburring also makes it easier to close the lid.


Since various cooking is possible with one Mestin, I will introduce some of them.

Cooking rice

You can cook plump and delicious rice in a short time.



Optional bat And It's easy with.
However, since it will be in an empty state, the fire may concentrate on one point of Mestin and there may be a worst hole. It is recommended to use burner putt.


Steamed food

With the separately sold bat, You can easily make pudding and steamed bread.

pudding / steamed breadpudding / steamed bread
pudding / steamed bread


You can also enjoy roasted and boiled dishes.
Pasta is easy to make in a short time and is delicious.
You can also make fried food.

pasta / fridepasta / fride
pasta / fride

Comparison with similar products

There are other Mestin besides Trangia, so let's compare some of them.

Manufacturer size Weight Rice cooked amount Deburring Scale Price
Trangia 170 × 95 × 62 150g 1.8 Required None ¥1600
Milicamp 178 × 110 × 78 165g 1.8 None None ¥1700
ダイソー 77 × 145 × 50 123g 1 None None ¥500

Is it Daiso's Mestin, which was temporarily out of stock, that is easy to purchase and maintain even for beginners in camping?
Personally, I like the shape of my favorite Trangia. It's a hassle to maintain, but it makes you more attached.

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    Writer : Midorin

    I just love making and eating delicious food at the camp. I also like the bonfire, the starry sky, the Asahi, and the hot springs after the withdrawal. It has become a hobby before I knew it.

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