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Explains how to ignite a tree with a lot of water and how to ignite it well.

What is raw wood?

Camps and bushcraft often refer to the wood you pick up, not the firewood sold. In a broad sense, it refers to a tree that has been picked up and just cut, not dried, or a tree that has roots and is alive.

The wood that is usually sold as firewood is dried for 1-2 years, and the water content of the wood is suitable for burning.
However, raw wood has a large amount of water, which is difficult to ignite, easily extinguishes fire, and also has a lot of smoke and soot. I say that I am burning raw wood because the water of the tree is boiling.
If you are accustomed to commercially available firewood, there are some people who are not able to ignite even with the igniting agent.
By the way, the water content is 150-80% when grown, and the water content is about 20% with commercially available firewood. This water content differs depending on the tree, and more coniferous trees are included.

Why don't you visit the wood and firewood page?

Bonfire preparation

When igniting raw wood, it is important to prepare a large number of fires and craters.
The image is that you use 3 to 4 types of fire to raise the fire and then add the thickest firewood.
It's OK to prepare this much as a burning process.

  • 1. Crater (such as hemp rope)
  • 2. Dead leaves of conifers, etc.
  • 3. Several feather sticks, twigs and bark
  • 4. Thumb-like branch
  • 5. Thick firewood

I think that many people who fail will misfire before the fire begins to burn, so until you get used to it, you should prepare a lot of craters and leave ignited leaves such as dead leaves. Prepare something expensive.
The tens of seconds after the fire is on is the most difficult, and if you can keep the fire for a minute, you can afford it.

It's okay to prepare the fire so that you can continue burning it for 4 to 5 minutes.
Rather than burning it with chimima, hold it in one hand and roast it a little above the crater, but when it catches fire, let's just put it on the fire without worrying about lack of oxygen. ..
When using a feather stick, it is easy to have 3 to 4 feathers, depending on the size and number of feathers.
It's meaningless, so I sometimes see feathers, so be careful of bad people.
Make things smaller.

When picking up a branch, the branch that bends quickly has a lot of water, so be sure to choose a branch that makes a dry and dry sound.
Because green leaves have water, try to pick brown ones.
And if you use commercially available ignition agent, it's a lot easier. It's as easy as burning it. That first fire is so important.

Bonfire with raw wood

Please pay attention to the following 3 points when you bonfire with raw wood.

  • Look the raw wood down and make the pilot fire on top.
  • Arrange thin branches and parts that catch fire easily so that they are in close contact.
  • Make a wig with an ax or knife.

If you set the wood down and light it from above, the pilot fire will use the gas contained in the smoke emitted from the wood to burn it, and there will be less smoke. With such a structure, you can burn it efficiently.
Let's arrange so that the thicker the item, the thinner it gets.
This method is also effective when you "wouldn't want to smoke!" Just be careful because the firepower will increase.

And the fire of the raw wood will be extinguished immediately, so make sure to place thin branches so that the fire sticks to each other without gaps so that the fire does not extinguish. ..
It's okay to cover it up to become oxygen deficient. Or rather, it's better to carry it.

Then, how to artificially make the part where it is easy to catch fire by making a wig with an ax or knife. You can use a feather stick or just a small stick.
Is it the point of a Finnish-style wood stove called Rapanan Valkea?

As you can see in the video from 7:28 onwards, the log in your hand has a notch.
Let's make a squid and a squid like this and ignite it, and it will be easy to burn because you can take in a good amount of oxygen while the fire and the fire are in close contact.

Since raw wood needs a lot of oxygen, it's good to fluff with a fire stick, but try the above so that the fire that rises there can be used properly for the next combustion. Watch this.
The most important thing is Is it possible to prepare a fire that can hold the fire for 1 minute after ignition?
Do not touch until the fire settles down.

By the way, it's easy to extinguish a fire not only because there is a lot of water, but because it uses heat to evaporate water. Therefore, there is a lot of smoke, incomplete combustion occurs, and soot increases.
Be sure to check out the page on basic knowledge of bonfire!

Firewood warms people three times

There is an old saying that "firewood heats people three times."

  • First time: warming by picking up and chopping wood
  • Second time: Burn wood to warm it
  • Third time: Warm up with the food cooked on that fire

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