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Explains this and that about bushcraft.A great way to clear up questions and increase your knowledge.Viva Bushcraft.

Apart from this article, I plan to create an article that summarizes tools and crafts.
Stay tuned!

What is Bushcraft?

First of all, I will briefly explain about Bushcraft.
I think most people recognize that "It's a camp like survival?" , but I personally think that recognition is OK. increase.
As the name "Bushcraft" suggests, you are crafting (making things) in bushes (shrubs, trees, bushes, undeveloped land, and hinterland), so if you do that as part of your camp, you can do something like "survival (craft)". I don't think I've lost in the camp.

People who do bushcraft tend to be called "bushcrafters", and things derived from bushcraft tend to be called "bush honyara". For tea, "Bush tea" etc.


To explain in a little more detail, bushcraft is not a kind of camping style, but it seems to refer to the life of crafting with something that is natural.
It's not a word based on "behavior" like camping or BBQ, but a name based on "situation" like adventure or survival, so there is no definition of "this is bushcraft".
Even if you are not camping, if you are crafting a hut or props that are naturally found in your yard, you can call it bushcraft.

camp fire - Bushcraft Days
camp fire - Bushcraft Days

Also, since it is a life, it is not the end of one time, but it is also a continuation of "make a spoon this time and make a fork next time", so not only "use" the tool The difference between camp and bushcraft is that it extends to "know, make, and fix".
And because it is the motto of Bushcraft that blends naturally as a life, it is preferred to have a color scheme that blends into the mountains rather than colorful colors like mountaineering equipment. I am.

From Scandinavia

Bushcraft is a culture that has been handed down in Scandinavia such as Sweden, Denmark and Finland, so you can see many customs and tools learned from Scandinavian traditions.
But as I said above, it's about life, so it's okay if you don't have to be tied to Scandinavian origin like "tools for bushcraft" or "Nordic tradition".
Bushcraft can be said to live in Scandinavia in Scandinavia and in Japan in Japan.

Speaking of Scandinavian origin, the knife called Puukko and the cup called Guksi are famous.

image photo image photo

Differences from camping

What's the difference between camping and bushcraft after all? I made a simple table for you.
Bushcraft is often like this, so don't take it for granted.

Bushcraft Camping
location Noyama Campsite
Firewood Pick up Purchase
fire starter Do not use convenient things as much as possible Use ignition agent or lighter
Where to sit Ground Chair
Bonfire In front of the shelter Distance where the tent does not melt
Tool material Uses a lot of natural fibers Uses a lot of metals and chemical fibers
Tool management Repair and use for a long time If it breaks, buy it again
How to get tools Pick up / make Purchase
Amount of tools Minimum required Use a lot of useful things
color scheme Naturally blending colors freedom
rope Use different knots Use the minimum tying method

I think the big difference between camping and bushcraft is the situation of doing it in a human-managed campsite or in a pristine field .
Therefore, it will be necessary to walk in the mountains and become a tool that can be easily procured locally, knowledge of crisis management ability, and skills for preparation and cleaning up.

I personally change the tools according to what I want to do at that time , which is different from a general camp. The part I think.
In Bushcraft, we often change the tools we bring according to what we want to do, such as "hold a tent and start a fire with a natural thing" or "make a fire easy and make a shelter".
Also, in Bushcraft, firewood is something to pick up, so the amount and type of fallen trees and craters will differ depending on the mountain you go to, and it will change considerably even if you do not intend it, whether it is a mountain that requires a large saw or a mountain that requires an ignition agent. am.

Bushcraft's personal interpretation

Personally, I think "life = growth" , and grow by living a life consisting of knowledge, experience, continuation, and coexistence. And live a richer life. Recognition.
In other words, knowledge, experience, continuation, and coexistence are like this.

  • Find out about methods and tools "Investigation"
  • Actually move your hands "Action"
  • Maintenance and repair "Management"
  • Compassion with nature, people and animals "Cooperation"

And I think that Bushcraft is unique in that has a strong spirit of coexisting with nature .

Bushcraft style Chimney

Chimney starter is also an important technology in Bushcraft.
I think about the types of fire starters in the following three patterns.

  • Use ignition agent
  • Use ignition tool
  • Use only natural objects

And I think that the two patterns of "use ignition equipment" and "use only natural things" will be important in Bushcraft.

Chimney with ignition tool

This is mainly ignition using a ferrocerium rod, but it is also difficult to ignite with a lighter on a rainy day or when the quality of the crater is poor.
The advantage is that if you have knowledge of making a fire, you can do it relatively easily.

image photo image photo

Chimney with natural objects

This is how to create and use flint stones and natural fire starters.
The following four tools are used to start a natural fire.

  • Kirimomi-shiki
  • Himokiri-shiki
  • Bow-kiri-shiki
  • Mai-kiri-shiki

It is difficult to even make a fire until you get used to it, because you need to have knowledge of how to start a fire and also experience how to use tools.

image photo image photo
Kirimomi、Himokiri、Bow-kiri、Mai-kiri Kirimomi、Himokiri、Bow-kiri、Mai-kiri Kirimomi、Himokiri、Bow-kiri、Mai-kiri Kirimomi、Himokiri、Bow-kiri、Mai-kiri

Some say, "I made a fire with a ferrocerium rod on the first day, made a charcross with that fire, and made a fire with a flint stone the next day, and on the last day I made a bow-shaped fire-starting tool and made a fire with it." There are also people.
* Charcoal is a crater made by carbonizing cloth, and it feels like cloth-like charcoal.

The technique of making a fire requires a lot of knowledge such as methods, craters, and types of wood.
Be prepared for the knowledge of ignition, such as easy-to-ignite wood, how to handle wet firewood, how to use the crater, and how to assemble firewood.
Also, since it is called Bushcraft, it is a component of ferrocerium rods, and I want to acquire knowledge of tools such as why flint stones fly sparks.
For craters and burning, refer to the article "Wood and firewood" and the picture book of wood.

In addition, there are many people who cannot ignite unexpectedly even if they have only knowledge about ignition.
Ignition changes the character of the firewood depending on the amount of water, the weather, the type of crater, and the type of crater, so I have only experience.
For information on bonfires made of raw wood, refer to the article "Bonfires made of raw wood".

It is a full-fledged person who can start a fire in any situation and tools at any time, such as preventing the fire from extinguishing at the beginning of the rain, starting a fire with wet firewood when it continues to rain, and making the fire last longer. Let's challenge in various ways each time.
For craters and firewood, refer to the above article "Wood and firewood".

Bushcraft Knife

Knife-chan, the main tool used for crafting.
It's like a bushcraft's life because it's mainly a hatchet, a knife, and a saw, and everything other than tying it can be done with just this blade.
Of course, it is also a part of Bushcraft to investigate the difference in usability depending on the sharpening method and shape.


Bushcraft is a knife that can be used for all purposes such as crafting, cooking, picking fruits and edible wild plants, but simple, small and thin knives are preferred rather than functional ones.

If it is a genuine Scandinavian bushcrafter, a knife called Puukko that was also mentioned above.
I personally like the Japanese Ainu and fishermen's favorite Makiri knife.
I also use a knife with a handle and a scabbard on what is called a remnant of a Japanese sword, though it is difficult to use.

image photoimage photoimage photo

Of course, you can use a hunting knife like THE outdoor knife without being bound by the standard.
However, it may be better to avoid using a holding knife (folding type) or a knife with a too thin blade for durability.


Also, if you buy a knife, it is the first step of Bushcraft to learn various cutting methods with a tristick.
Not only how to cut, but also to judge the accuracy of sharpening and what kind of cutting is easy to do with the knife is the real pleasure of Tristick.
I'm having a hard time writing, but please read the tristick page as well.

As it is a bushcraft, there are many people who sharpen files and make their own knives (crafts).

Craft Knife

Bushcraft also needs a small knife for crafting.
You don't have to have it at first, but once you start crafting, you definitely want to have it.

If this is also from Scandinavia, hook knives and carving knives.
I'm attacking with Japanese things, so I'm using a sculpture sword or something.

image photo image photo image photo image photo


The size of the hatchet varies depending on how it is used, and if it is used for crafting, it is a small one called a hatchet, which is around 230 to 240 mm.
If it is chopped wood, it is around 350 ~ 400mm for outdoor use.

image photo image photo

I think it depends on how you use it, so I think you should start with an ax of about 350 to 400 mm at a standard place.
If you are new to crafting and use it for crafting, a light ax with a thin blade is easier to swing.
Unlike the dried firewood sold at the campsite, it is hard, so don't think "I don't mind batoning".


Personally, I think it is more important to attach a blade than the size. The ax is generally used to "break wood by weight and blade width", but it is also used for rough cutting of crafts, so it may be unique to Bushcraft to sharpen it so that it can be "cut with a blade".
This is quite difficult because it is thick and hard. Beginners shouldn't think of it the same as sharpening a knife?
A whetstone for an ax is fine, but it is convenient to have a whetstone for a sickle.


Basically, it is often used for cutting fallen trees instead of cutting firewood, so it is recommended to make it a little longer than the one used in camping.
However, if you have a saw used in the camp, that is enough.
After that, let's judge the mountain to go and the fallen tree to face.

Back saw

Speaking of bushcraft, it is a disassembled back saw that you craft yourself.

Back saw
Back saw

It's perfect for beginners in crafting, you don't have to choose wood, you don't need exaggerated pre-treatment and post-treatment, it has a simple structure, and because the parts are separated, you won't have to start over from the beginning . An easy-to-make dish.
Still, if you stick to it, the depth of the depth that can be made into a high-end product by thoroughly designing the length and width and the sense of equality on the left and right.

It is possible to use a spare blade for a jigsaw, but be careful because it is much poorer than the one for a back saw. Buy a blade that is sold for back saws.

Such a back saw is also popular, but surprisingly Japanese silky is also popular in Northern Europe, so I always recommend it.

At Bushcraft Hunting / Fishing

Hunting and fishing are one of the real pleasures of Bushcraft, which reduces luggage as much as possible.
Hunting is difficult in Japan without a "trap hunting license" or "hunting license", so it is a minority, but some people are hunting as part of bushcraft.
Many of the notches used in traps are also used in the notches practiced with tri-sticks.

image photo

However, the general image is that people who are hunting usually take in Bushcraft rather than those who start hunting due to the influence of Bushcraft.


Fishing is the most common hunting in bushcraft.
Even with fish opponents, there are more people who fish purely than catching in a trap.
There is also a method of catching underwater stones named Gachinko fishing or stone-beating fishing without a tool that just hits with another stone, but be careful as it is prohibited in Japan. Do not throw stones into rivers or lakes for non-fishing purposes.
Bushcraft is often done in unpopular places, so it might be a good idea to keep it in the corner of your head in case of an emergency such as an injury.

Fruit / Wild Plant Picking

Although a little different from hunting, bushcraft often uses mountain-dwelling fruits and edible wild plants.
The famous one is tea made from coniferous trees and mint leaves called "bush tea".
As for fruits, blueberry fruits are easy to understand, so many people collect them. If you are familiar with them, you can also take wild grasses and mushrooms, but do not take things you do not know.

image photo image photo

Bushcraft Toilet

Unlike campsites, bushcraft is done in places that are out of the reach of people, so of course you need to study the toilet.
The general knowledge is to dig a hole in a place where people can't see, which is called wild dung or wild dung, but there are rules and etiquette to cherish nature, so be sure to know it. Let's wear and become a wild feces meister.

Wild dung

Basically, it is not good to make excrement into rivers. This includes "digging and filling holes but being washed away by flooding".
So, if you want to poop, 50m away from the water source .
The cause of pollution is the excrement itself, but there are also parasites, so be sure to protect it.

If you dig a hole for excretion 20 cm or more, it will be easily decomposed by bacteria in the ground , so be sure to dig deep.
If you need to use it many times, dig deeper and cover it with soil, and avoid adding it in various places.

Since used toilet paper is difficult to return to the soil, it is good manners to dispose of it as burning garbage or burn it with a bonfire.
If you inadvertently forget the toilet paper, you can substitute it with leaves, round stones, bark, or hand-washing with water. Of course, do not dispose of it yourself and return it to nature.


Urine is easier to make than feces, so it's easy to get rid of it, but you need to be careful here as well.
Urine contains organic substances and calcium, and if not treated properly, they form a compound called urinary stone, which causes a foul odor.
It also produces ingredients that cause stinks when mixed with feces.
The source of the so-called "smell public toilet" is urine.

Therefore, it is important not to put it on the place where urine collects or stones as much as possible, and to dilute it by pouring water on the place where it is finished.
There are also people who sprinkle urine on plants, saying "fertilizer! Fertilizer!", But since it has a high concentration, it may die if it is sprayed directly, so this is also NG.
It depends on the purpose of use and how to dilute it, but to use urine as fertilizer, it is necessary to dilute it 3 to 40 times.

Toilet setup

You don't have to worry too much if you are in a field with no people, but you can make a comfortable toilet by making a blindfold or a chair.
A common method is to create an enclosure with a tarp and add something to it.
If it takes time to get out, I want an enclosure to protect my butt from insect bites.
Recently, there are also simple enclosures and poncho-shaped blindfolds.

image photo image photo

Also, it is unique to Bushcraft to try to make a simple chair that you can put your butt on while straddling as shown in the image below.
However, if you are not accustomed to rope work, be aware that your butt will be miserable when the knot is untied.

image photo


There are also toilets called bio-toilet and compost toilet, which are mainly installed type, but they are decomposed while absorbing water by stirring wood materials such as sawdust and feces.

image photo image photo

Since it can be made with a structure that does not use water and electricity, it is used for toilets in the mountains, etc., and by absorbing the water in the feces, the bad odor disappears, so even poor toilet removal does not smell.
Also, since the feces ferment, it can be used as fertilizer after use, and two birds with one stone.
Kits are also sold, and if it is simple, you can bury a sawdust toilet in the ground and use it, so if you have your own land, let's use it.
If you want to know more or sell kits, please see eco Fool Creation's site.


This time I wrote about wild dung, but instead of saying "Let's all do wild dung in the mountains!" It's a way to do it, so don't poop on it.
Reports and dispatches are rare, but in most cases even in an emergency, it is a violation of the Minor Crimes Act.
In some cases, water pollution, property damage, and indecent exposure will be added.

As an aside, mountain climbing is a topic, but in areas where the act of "going to a place that is out of the reach of people in the mountains" is extremely dangerous, excretion is also a person. It seems to be done in a place that can be seen from.

Bushcraft campsite

It sounds like a title scam, but basically I don't think you should do bushcraft at the campsite.
It seems that there are few natural objects that can not be done in the first place, but since natural objects are infinite in the mountains but finite in managed places, it is good to use it.
Even if you have permission from the administrator, it is not a happy story for the administrator to see and imitate it or to get rumors that "there was a person doing bushcraft over there".
If someone who does not know Bushcraft imitates it in the wrong way, there is a risk of injury or fire.
Of course, unless the administrator says "I can do bushcraft (it's okay)".

A place where you can do bushcraft

Where can I do bushcraft? It can only be said that "Noyama with permission" . Well, in such a public place called WEB, you can only say "Noyama who has permission". Yeah yeah.
There are "common land" and "private land" in Japanese land, but is it legal? Bushcraft can only be done on "common land with permission to use fire" or "private land with permission".
There seems to be no such place, but there seems to be a place where you can't punish unless you cause a problem. Boss

Basically, places such as fields and riverbeds are places that can be communicated verbally with closed information, so do not make statements or make calls that specify the place on SNS or WEB.

How to get started with Bushcraft

I've read this far, but what should I do to actually get started with Bushcraft? Explanation for those who say.
Personally, I think it's okay to have Bushcraft as you like, whether it's a "similar act" or a "mock".

Bushcraft Preparation

First of all, preparations before going to Bushcraft.
Even if everything isn't exactly right, one of the ways to enjoy it is to make preparations little by little while camping to make it look like Bushcraft.

1. Knowledge

Prepare your knowledge before tools.
Of course, this article I'm reading right now is also in preparation.
Even if it is not knowledge as a study meaning, look at various articles and videos what you want to do , It's also important to know what you can do .

2. Find a place

The most important thing is the number one neck.
Basically, you can judge by looking at the map, but as I wrote above, I can only say "Noyama with permission", so I will introduce a super analog method.

Go to campsites, riverbeds, and other places where camping is OK, and make friends with "people who are likely to camp" and "people who are off-road vehicles" and "know the recommended campsites" Do you want to ask? "
Most of the above people are familiar with the campsite, so if you decide that you can teach it, you should be able to teach it.
However, if you show annoying aspects such as dirty surroundings of your tent or noisy voice, you will be dismissed as "I do not know", so let's act with awareness as a bushcrafter before calling out.

3. Equipment

Let's judge not only the minimum equipment necessary for bushcraft, but also the characteristics of the camp.
If there are many specific insects, you can pinpoint the insects, and if you walk from the parking lot, you can reduce the weight.

I tend to collect craft tools with the recognition that "bushcraft = craft", but at the beginning, I often do things such as choosing a place and picking up firewood, so I can not handle crafting. There are many people, so let's choose with the recognition that you will go camping in harmony with nature while using the camping equipment you have.
The following 10 pieces of equipment are the minimum I personally think.

  • Tent like that
  • Knife
  • Saw
  • Ax
  • Hemp rope
  • Ferrocerium rod
  • Cushion
  • Toilet paper
  • Water purifier
  • Aid kit

It's the minimum to give a feeling of bushcraft, so be careful as it is not a list that you should bring this much.
Imagine that you can do something like Bushcraft with this.

Cutlery is used for picking up firewood and cutting out.
If you have hemp rope, you can craft most things, so I want to have it.
Bushcraft is a ground style, so cushions and mats are essential? And personal opinion.
No tap water is available in Noyama, so I want a water purifier.
In the mountains where there are few people, there is more risk of injury than camping, so an aid kit is also essential. I especially want a poison remover.
See the article below for water purifiers and aid kits.

Click here for camping equipment that looks like Bushcraft if you don't use it.。

  • Chair
  • Table
  • Cott
  • Bonfire
  • Single Burner
  • Peg
  • Peg Hammer
  • Aluminum Pole

Note that this is just an image that looks like Bushcraft.
I also bring a low-type chair for my waist and a peg in case of emergency.

A simple summary of things you don't need is "It's like Bushcraft if you do it in a ground style" .

It's also important to start Bushcraft first and then decide what you need, rather than having Bushcraft-like tools first.
I tried new axes and knives, but there are many things that didn't suit my usage.
At first, even if you had a tool for camping, you often buy a plain-colored one or one that suits your purpose while you are addicted to Bushcraft.

4. Spare equipment

Let's select the tools to have for what if.
Especially if you are inexperienced, it is possible that you can't start a fire even though you didn't bring the ignition agent, and it can be difficult due to rain, so keep the fire-starting tool in your bag. You can enjoy it when it's troublesome

After that, I used a chair in case I had a pain in my lower back when I tried to use a ground style.
When choosing spare equipment, consider what you want to do and the level of skill and equipment.

Bushcraft Execution Edition

How to do bushcraft to carry out.
doesn't mean that this is the case. Look at it like this.

Finding a place

When you arrive at the camp, first look for various places.
There are three places to look for.

  • Base place
  • Toilet
  • Firewood picking

Of course, if there are people who are already camping or there are traces, the base is OK there.
After that, knowing the location around the place where you sit down will be advantageous when something happens, such as the appearance of a beast or a disaster, so I would like to investigate various ways to return.

As a way to find a place to put up a shelter, there is a water place nearby and fallen trees (firewood) are also falling.
It's easy to choose a place where tall trees are the roof, but be careful as insects may fall depending on the place. Especially Yamabir is ugly.
Keep the distance from the water to the extent that it will not affect the river even if it rains.

Depending on the location, there are also pictures of wild birds, motocross, and paths for people, so choose a location that takes into consideration the people, animals, and the environment around you.
Also, depending on the location, it may be difficult to walk for a few minutes depending on the location of the toilet, so look for a place that does not bother people regardless of their proximity.
If it is close to the water place, frogs and saw crabs will come to play, and insects will also spring up, so it is a rule of thumb to stay a little away.


Let's do your favorite craft.
If it's a simple thing, it's a reflector or a peg. The hanger for the backpack can be made with a rope and one branch, so this is also recommended.
If you are familiar with knives, try pot hangers.

image photoimage photoimage photoimage photo

If there is a branch that is bifurcated, it will come in handy, so it is best to use an iron plate for crafting instead of using firewood.
Let's start with something like "it's embarrassing to say craft". It's exciting to camp on your own.

Clean up

The important thing in Bushcraft is harmony with nature. So let's clean it up well.
The word Leave No Trace is one of the overseas ethics that Bushcrafter also keeps in mind. In Japanese, it means no traces , so it's like let's get rid of the traces of fire and the traces of people and return home.

Let's not leave garbage, but also stop picking up too much firewood and leaving a lot of crafted things.
It is also NG to damage trees and stones regardless of fallen trees or growing objects.

In the spirit of Leave No Trace, it can be said that it is a good bushcrafter to pick up not only the dust and dirt that you put out but also the original dust.

Please refer to the following articles for cleaning up the bonfire.

Bushcraft Related YouTube

I don't watch YouTube very much. I don't know much about it, but I would like to introduce YouTube, which is "popular because it was displayed as a recommendation".
Although it is basic English, please be assured that Bushcraft goes beyond the language barrier.

Oizumi Bush n' Blade

If you are a custom knife maker or nature guide in Finland Bushn 'Blade, Bushcraft and knives The video of the lecture making of is uploaded.
A few people who explain Bushcraft "in earnest" in Japanese. The face seen from the face of the parents in the last few years.

Recommended videos

When I recommend it to people, I only introduce it as a "Bushcraft textbook", so it's more like "see all for the time being" rather than "this video is recommended", so I saw it for the first time. Introducing the video.



My personal favorite uncle. When she thinks she's silently shooting nostalgic, she suddenly flirts with heavy metal.
She does bushcraft with dogs in various patterns and crafts cabins.
She is also a carving instructor, so her crafting skills are perfect.

Recommended videos

Location 1 video of a video that has been bushcrafting for 3 days. Don't miss Location 2 and Location 3 after this.

3 days solo bushcraft

Bertram - Craft and Wilderness

A system that takes pictures of working silently and silently. A bushcrafter whose skill level is too high to be helpful.
A former Bushcraft instructor, he specializes in things related to Bushcraft such as wood carving and blacksmithing, so his skills and equipment are super advanced.

Recommended videos

A video of bushcrafting in Denmark for 6 days. Played 25.22 million times at the time of publication.

6 days solo bushcraft - canvas lavvu, bow drill, spoon carving, Finnish axe

TA Outdoors

This person is also making a cabin.
It seems that they also have a fishing channel.

Recommended videos


3日間のソロ冬のスノーキャンプ - ブッシュクラフト、キャンバステント、ウッドストーブ、ボウドリル

Far North Bushcraft And Survival

Those who often see them looking for bushcraft skills. Bushcraft videos to know rather than see Bushcraft videos. There are a lot of bonfires.
Since it is explained in English, some knowledge of English is required. If you are accustomed to listening, you can understand it with your spirit and guts ...

Recommended videos

A video that starts a fire only with something that is really natural. This is a flint. The uncle's beard can only be seen at the crater.

Primitive Survival Fire Using Only Rocks
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The operator of this site. Prefer military and simple camping gear. He is studying bushcraft exclusively.


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