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A thorough explanation of the benefits and precautions of summer camping, from insect control to heat protection, to clothing, gear, and cooking.

About summer camp

Speaking of camping is summer! The general image is, but there are many disadvantages to summer camps, as some people only have winter camps.
But the best refreshing feeling is summer! Kinki's cold beer to drink under Pecan's Tendo-sama is the best.


Summer camps don't really have that much benefit. Tohoho

After all summer is leisure!

Speaking of summer, it would be this. leisure. In the winter, it seems like a camp-friendly expert is in the company... but in the summer, there are many family camps and the surroundings are so lively that the atmosphere is fun.
Of course some people may not like it, but it's definitely a merit that everyone can enjoy it.
A family camp with children should have children enjoying themselves as if they were an attraction.

River/sea play

A river that can only be entered on a hot day! Many campgrounds in the mountains have rivers nearby, and many riverbeds are OK for camping, so it is easy to enjoy playing in the river while camping.
You can camp along the beach, and it's the best location to enjoy camping with the river and the sea.

People who don't want to go into the river bring their chairs to the waterside, put only their feet like a footbath and drink alcohol while cooling.
The coolness of your feet is completely different.

Luggage can be small

I feel like I have more luggage in winter than I have less luggage in summer...
More specifically, it doesn't mean more camping gear is used, but cold-weather items are large and heavy, so they take up more space than in summer.
Some people say, "Well, depending on your luggage," but this is pretty easy.
Luggage is often moved by preparing, setting up, withdrawing, cleaning up, and some people who are camping or backpacking are in a hurry with little luggage.
Summer doesn't have to be a bonfire, and people don't have to have a bonfire.

Easy to call people

It's only summer that it's easy to call people who don't usually camp. It's easy to call it for leisure, but it's kind of okay if you don't have tools at summer camps.
Winter camps can be life-threatening if you don't have reasonably good tools, but in the summer you don't have to worry about using cheap things. In the worst case, even a tent can be managed.
The food is rarely soup, so there's no need to run out of the stove.

Because I don't need much luggage, it's easy to carry a little more for people who don't have it.
In the winter, you bring a stove, or you put on a mat or a cot for tens of thousands of yen, and you sleep in cold weather, so it's hard to say "I'll bring an extra". There are many people who only have it.


As I wrote above, there are quite a lot of actual damages. Insects and heat stroke can be hospital projects, so be especially careful.
If you want to enjoy solo camps or solo groups, it will be winter.

There are many people

Although it was said that everyone could be happy with the merit, it is a bad place in summer that it is difficult to make a reservation at the campsite and the Ursai people get hot and cold.
It doesn't matter to people who camp, but as of June there are some popular campsites that are full of reservations in the summer.
Even if you have a free site, you can wait for 1-2 hours with cars already lined up when you arrive at the reception start time...

Some people are annoying even in winter, but the overwhelming majority are in summer.
Young children often make noise, but there are quite a lot of adults. Moreover, adults are often worse than younger children, which is troublesome.

I'm also a parent who's fooling around with children. It's okay for children to make noise, but if they make too much noise, they'll leave it alone.
Running around a fire or tent is dangerous, so parents warn me if I'm careful... adults are more troublesome.

Lots of insects

It's easy for people who don't camp to think that there are many mosquitoes, but in the summer, centipedes appear in flies, insects, and hills.
If it's just a lot, it's good, but if you get bitten, you're at risk of an infectious disease.

I often hear that if you don't have a mosquito net in your tent, you couldn't sleep because you were bitten by a centipede or you're too hell to sleep. It seems that it is a dire situation at home because of diving into it.
Also, people who camp in the mountains should pay attention to Yamabir. From setup to removal, I'm aiming from above and below, Hill-chan.

Also, unlike in towns, the number of mosquitoes is overwhelmingly large, so depending on the campsite, if you spend time without shortage in short-sleeved shorts, you will be bitten by dozens of places. Note. I'll be stung like this

mosquito coil or Forest incense is a necessity and long sleeved pants are recommended if possible.

By the way, I say that forest incense has a lot of smoke and is powerful, but the amount of smoke doesn't really matter to avoid insects. But it is surely effective.


A life-threatening guy.
Not to mention hydration, it's important not to move too much in the sun.
fan for mobile is recommended because there is only one.

It's easy to forget that sweat measures are also surprising. If you wear denim cloth that is sticky all over your body, it will sweat and become heavy, which will hinder you from enjoying camping. If you can afford to bring something, it is convenient to have a change of clothes. Especially for bikers.

In addition, a cooler box with poor performance will not only be a cooler, but the ingredients will be useless immediately unless you freeze a minimum amount of it and use it to promote cooling.
It doesn't have to be a high-performance cooler box, but I want to freeze ingredients and water.

Some people don't use tarps because they don't fit in the shade, but not to protect the tent from the sun, rather than as a shade for themselves. Better to be there.
If the tent is exposed to direct sunlight, the tent gets hot and the temperature inside the tent rises. Of course, use it to make your own shade.

like this
like this

Clothing for summer camps

I would like to call short-sleeved shorts as outdoor clothes for summer, but I recommend long-sleeved long pants to prevent insect bites.
Of course, if you know in advance that there are no insects, short-sleeved shorts are fine.
A thin linen shirt may be used, but there are holes in the bonfire that sparks.sportswear Something is recommended.
Women seem to be cool even in summer.
By the way, black has a high light absorptivity and a high temperature, so the color should be closer to white. This can be said of tents and tarps.

After that, sweat and block sunlight boonie hat Or something like Safari hat
In the case of water, the reflection of water is dazzling, so it's good to have sunglasses.

Summer Camp Gear

Camping tools recommended for summer camps.
Tents have nothing to do with summer or winter.

Hard type cooler box

A soft type cooler box is fine, but there are still some unfortunate parts, and if it is not a motorcycle with extremely small load capacity or backpack camp, a hard type cooler box is recommended.
If you are worried about the cooler box and feel like "cheap and soft type is good", then absolutely hard type is recommended.
If you don't mind the convenience of camping such as being easy to use as a desk, you can use it for fishing surprisingly.

p class="article-txt">Coleman for 2 days and 1 night this much Cooler box But enough.
If you want a cool effect with soft type logos Choice.


A place where you want a tarp as a countermeasure against heat in the shade and tent.
If you want to use it as a firm tarp, you can use a firm manufacturer, and if you want to use it as a tent umbrella, you can use a third-class manufacturer or a fourth-class manufacturer.

3x3 if you use it for eco, <> ?php echo Art_link('','3.5x3.5','amzn'); ?>, if you build your own castle 4x4.
The shape you like.


A classic mosquito coil or Forest incense.

Even if you don't use it normally, before going to bed at night perspirant sheet I recommend this guy because you can sleep comfortably if you get rid of sweat.

Thermos Cold can echo Art_link('','titanium mug','amzn'); ?> makes it difficult for the drink to warm.
For more information on the heat retention of metals, see the page below.

Summer camp food

The food you want to eat at the summer camp is Somen!
You can eat it at noon while chilling it with ice, or use the ice water that melted on the morning of the second day to chill and somen!
Even if it's hot, it's easy to make, easy to eat, and cold!

Apart from cooking well, I also want to bring one or two things that can be easily cooked for when it becomes dull to move due to heat.

If the main dish is soupy, the body will be hot, so we recommend the classic BBQ called THE BBQ.
The simple BBQ has the advantage that you can freeze and carry the ingredients.
I also want snacks that can remove salt to prevent sweat. Personally, lightly pickled must-have items.

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The operator of this site. Prefer military and simple camping gear. He is studying bushcraft exclusively.

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