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A thorough explanation of winter camping, from the benefits, precautions, and cold weather to clothing, gear, and cooking.

About winter camp

Camping is often thought of as summer, but the more professionals who love camping, the more they like winter camping.
However, depending on the area, there are many lands that you can't do even if you want to.
Also, winter camps are dangerous and there are deaths every year, so I don't recommend it.


The merit of winter is that there are few insects and people. It's a space where you can immerse yourself in the camp because the outfield has little influence.
If it's cold and the disadvantages are warm, it just becomes a cozy space.
So the more I like camping, the more I like winter than summer.

There are few insects

It's no exaggeration to say that it's the biggest enemy of summer, and the comfortable space where there aren't any insects at all makes me think "winter is good" every time I camp in summer.
No one comes to food, and no one gets in the way when sleeping. It's winter when you can enjoy camping comfortably because you don't have to strengthen your defense.

There are few people

In the summer, there are many people who enjoy it with their families and everyone, so it tends to be noisy, but in the winter, there are many professionals, so you can enjoy it quietly and littering less.
After all, if you enjoy camping comfortably, it's winter.

The starry sky looks beautiful

In winter, the monsoon blows dust and dirt, and the starry sky looks more beautiful than in summer. However, this is limited to the Pacific region.
Also, in the summer, the atmosphere contains a lot of water vapor, so it doesn't look clear.
The starry sky seen with the naked eye looks beautiful, but the stars seen with an astronomical telescope seem to be more beautiful in summer. Confusing


The disadvantage of winter camp is that it is so cold that it is 90% tighter. In other words, natural wonders such as snow and condensation and outdoor equipment for cold weather are expensive.

Cold / Snow

If you don't take proper measures against the cold, you won't be able to sleep at night and you won't have the energy to do anything, so be sure to take measures against the cold!
There is a danger of death in the worst case, so if you challenge yourself with a feeling like "It's cold, but it's okay", your life will be shortened.
If you think it's dangerous, it's important to let people around you hit the stove or get help without being shy.


In winter, there is a difference between the temperature inside the tent and the outside temperature, so a lot of condensation occurs. Condensation can bring some temperature inside the tent, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that the down sleeping bag gets wet.
As a countermeasure, make sure to ventilate well.

Cold protection

Of course, winter camping equipment is also expensive, just as equipment for climbing snowy mountains is expensive. In addition to that, camps with a high degree of freedom of tools will have even higher performance and cost.
If it is clear in a cold area, it will be an amount that you can not see ...
For more information, see the "Winter Camp Gear" section that appears in this trace.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

This is probably the highest number of deaths in winter camps.
Because it's cold, it's burned on the stove without ventilation and it's done with carbon monoxide.
There are few subjective symptoms, and depending on the direction of the wind, even if you ventilate, it will accumulate in the tent, so if you are not careful you will get carbon monoxide poisoning without knowing it, so accidents such as "winter camp fatal accident" in advance It might be good to see an example.

There are cases like this
There are cases like this

Winter camp outfit

Basically, it's better to decide by the heating equipment you bring.
If you have a stove but the tent is wide and it is hard to warm up, you want both inner and outerwear, but since you can keep the inside of the tent warm with a small tent for 1 or 2 people with a stove, is it okay if the inner is poor? etc.


Cotton or wool is recommended for the outer so that it will not melt with sparks.
I'd like to wear down, but if the fabric is polyester, the sparks will make holes, so be careful.


Let's focus on the inner at the camp. Outerwear can get in the way when you work, and when the heating comes on, it gets hot and you may want to take it off, so it's important to wear heat tech underwear, knitted sweaters, and layered clothing.
If you put more effort into tights and socks, you will feel more comfortable. I really recommend the slightly higher winter socks.


It is convenient to have one sleeping bag because the heat retention effect of shruff will be diminished if you bring in moisture.
If you change into clothes that are not sweating and then enter the sleeping bag, it will keep you warm even while you sleep.

How to wear

It is also important to wear a muffler around the neck so that the body temperature does not escape from above, and an outer with an adjuster cord so that it does not escape from below.
Try to prevent the body temperature and the temperature inside the clothes from escaping to the outside.

Winter camp gear

Speaking of winter camps, there are a lot of gears, but when it comes to collecting them, it costs a lot of money.
Basically, it is a tool used for heating and cold protection, but cooking tools tend to be large because soups and hot pots are delicious season.


It's no exaggeration to say that it's a must-have stove.
With or without this, comfort is a difference, but it is also a cause of carbon monoxide poisoning.
The types are kerosene stoves, electric stoves, and wood stoves.

Kerosene stove

Is kerosene stove the most? It's heavy and it takes time to bring fuel, but it's a stable and warm stove with low fuel consumption.
Toyotomi is famous, but Snow Peak also has a compact one.

Toyotomi / Snow Peak Toyotomi / Snow Peak
Toyotomi / Snow Peak

Electric stove

If safety is important, choose an electric stove.
Although it is more compact than a kerosene heater, the most inconvenient thing may be an electric stove because it requires a site with an AC power supply or a portable power supply.
There are some that can use gas cans, but I get the impression that many of them have poor fuel economy, about 3 hours each.

Gas / AC Gas / AC
Gas / AC

Wood stove

This is the camp.
Please note that you will not be able to receive a teacher unless you choose the one that suits you better than what you want, as the size and material are different.
Compact and light objects are less effective, and larger and heavier ones are more effective.
Even if it is a compact object, you can improve the effect by devising a chimney, but it is frustrating that the merit of "compact" disappears.

If the tent does not have a chimney outlet, be careful as the tent will melt if you do not carefully consider the chimney removal.

HONMA / tent-mark HONMA / tent-mark
HONMA / tent-mark


A child who wants to take him to the camp because the bonfire is excellent heating and the atmosphere is good.
If you use it as a heater, the fuel efficiency will be poor, so it is recommended to enjoy hot food and soup together while enjoying it moderately.
With a box-shaped bonfire, you can put in a large amount of firewood and increase the amount of heat as hot as it gets hot, so if you want to use it as a substitute for heating, the box-shaped one is recommended.

Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is also a costly child. If you want to get rid of your sleeping bag, you need to have other heating and floor cooling mats in place to sleep, so spend a lot of money to find a product that is close to your life.
I want a good sleeping bag, but it's comfortable to have an inner sleeping bag.
Recommended are Nanga, Isuka and famous brands. If you really want to look for it, you can get more information by looking for it with the intention of buying mountaineering equipment instead of camping.

By the way, there are many people who spend money for winter because they don't buy summer sleeping bags because they only use inner sleeping bags in summer.



The floor is very cold in winter, so mats are important. It's difficult to cool the floor because I bought a high-priced sleeping bag, so a mat is essential.
It's okay if it's cheap as long as there is something between your body and the ground that can block air and heat.
I want a good item if it's below freezing, but it's heaven and hell if it's there or not, so I definitely want to prepare it.

By the way, the R value, which represents the heat insulating power of the mat, is an addition, so the more you stack, the higher the heat insulating power. At the camp, you can add by laying a rug or blanket underneath, or placing an air mat on a thin inflator mat.


Please note that cutlery and hand-held tools will touch cold things if they are made of iron or aluminum.
Cutlery is made of wood, and firewood scissors are made of wood.

Also, food and drink freezes in the kinkin, so a cooler box is also essential. It's sober to start by waking up in the morning and melting the cold reclaimed water.

It's convenient to have other blankets, and it's recommended to have a fire-breathing stick or fire scissors that can be warmed up by a bonfire.

Winter camp food

This is already soup and pot! It's easy to make and warms your body, and even if you can't eat it all at once, you can reheat it and eat it anytime.
Motsunabe, pork soup and beef stew are iron plates. We also recommend dishes that make the Dutch oven stand out.
For snacks, roasted apples and shiruko.

When you do a pot, you can always get warm with tripod So recommended.

However, the good thing about winter camps is that there are almost no dishes that don't fit.
Even if you eat ice cream while squeezing it on a bonfire or a stove, it's a good idea.

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Writer : Hashi-ryu

The operator of this site. Prefer military and simple camping gear. He is studying bushcraft exclusively.

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